Catching up with Cebu's Vanessa Ammann (A #MissWorldPH Special)

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Hello from the heart of Pasay City, Metro Manila!:) Thank you so much once again to Miss World Philippines event sponsor for housing us regional MWP correspondents here at the very resplendent Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. I'm so grateful for the experience so far!Very, very glad to say that I made it here in one piece after a somewhat turbulent flight (I'm not much of a good flyer lol) to bring you some up-to-date coverage of all things Miss World Philippines 2012. As we all know, the fates of the 25 lovely hopefuls get to be meted out tomorrow in what appears to be a rather tough call. The girls all seem to be bringing in their A-game this far along in the competition. Who do you think will win tomorrow? Please don't forget to tune in to TV5 at 8:30 PM to find out!:)

A LOT of people from Cebu will definitely be tuning in as we've got two equally lovely candidates vying for the MWP crown. On one hand, we've got beauty pageant veteran Rizzini Alexis Gomez who already has an impressive track record (Miss Mandaue 2008, Miss Cebu 2009 1st runner up, and Aliwan Fiesta Festival Queen 2010) in the pageant circuit, and we also have the lovely socialite and commercial model Vanessa Claudine Ammann, who herself placed 2nd runner up in last year's Miss Cebu competition. Hard to tell right now how far along they will fare in MWP, but you know that these two beauties will bring it on and will go very far. They're already doing us Cebuanos proud anyway. Wishing the both them the best of luck!

I had the chance to catch up with the hardworking Vanessa to ask her a few questions. To say that this girl is "busy" is quite the understatement-- with her growing number of magazine spreads and editorials here in Manila, as well fronting major ads for the likes of Jolibee, Oishi and Colgate -- the girl is has definitely found her spot in the sun. Oh, and she has just been named one of Mega Magazine's 20 Most Beautiful, a title which is obviously well-deserved. With a lot of awesome things going on in her life, I just had to ask the sunny, vibrant, and incredibly kind Vanessa a few questions.

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CITT:     Was it hard for you to transition to the scene in Manila?
 V:          Transition surprisingly wasn't as hard as i had anticipated. I've made a living here as a commercial model for the past year, so i guess I've been doing something right hahaha. 

CITT:     What do you enjoy doing on your spare time these days? 
V:           Being outdoors, whether it be hiking/ exploring new places, swimming, jetskiing, wakeboarding or just laying in the grass somewhere. I feel very much connected to the earth and love running around barefoot when I can. Wearing heels everyday is surely something i had to adjust to, but so far so good.

CITT:     You've had some acting stints with some student films in Cebu.  Do you consider ever transitioning to film and TV acting now that you're in Manila? 
V:           YES! I've always dreamt of acting, whether on stage, television, or the silverscreen. For as long as I can remember and if my old year books can serve me right, I grew up in hope of becoming a model/actress/surgeon. But as time and reality kicked in, I realized medicine was NOT my future. Up to this day I still dream of performing in front of others.

CITT:     What's the one motto/mantra you practice/tell yourself every day? 
V:           Everyday can be your day! Shine so you can brighten up other people's day. I love making people smile, whether it be with a smile, a joke or a full on heart-to-heart. My shoulder is always there to cry on. Seize the day, make a friend, you are incharge of your own happiness, and sometimes, those of others 

CITT:      In the event that you do win, what's your immediate plan of action to work on MWP's Social Advocacy?

 I'd like to focus on the street children who has had no say in their lives, the ones who are forced to beg or steal. My plan is to gather them and have seminars with "ates" or big sisters to be available for them at all times. Id have livelihood training for the basics like sewing, washing, massaging, etc. I'd also collaborate with TESDA to create work opportunities for them once they are of age. I just want to show them and teach them that they have a choice in life and can be more than they thought they could ever be.

CITT:    Your message to your supporters from Cebu?

I could never thank you enough for just allowing me to be me and appreciating the things I have accomplished throughout the years. I will do my best to grow and represent our cities even more in the future. MWP is just the beginning, and even if I dont win this year's crown, the world will see the sunshine that I have to offer. Somehow, somewhere i wll make people's lives a brighter and happier one. I am fitting to wear the crown, not for the prizes but for the cause that MWP stands for. I shall not call myself a queen of others, because i see myself as an equal to all (we all have the same beginnings), but instead I shall call myself the queen of my own heart.

Best of luck for tomorrow's competition, Vanessa!:)

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  1. awwww im so proud of you ma that you get to cover a national event!!!!!!!!! this girl is really pretty... :) go go go cebu

  2. i like her social advocacy! :) she also has this positive attitude towards life, so I'm sure she'll do great! goodluck to all participants!!!


  3. lovely blog. please come and visit mine too, tell me what you think! <3

  4. Very beautiful and voluptuous ladies. The Cebu girls to me are the most beautiful girls in the Philippines.


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