Cebu: A Province of Beauty (A #MissWorldPH Special)

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Cebu is beautiful in every which way you look at it. It's got lovely urban cityscapes that are as bustling and at par with other metropolitan cities around the world. A mere 15 to 30-minute drive from most of these areas immediately offer a sense of solitude and escape through lush greens and crystalline white beaches. It's an incredible, eclectic mix of all things one would look for in looking for a place to settle in. What's not to love?

Also mentioning the word "Cebuana" would bring to mind a number of stunning ladies with equally strong, captivating personalities. Cebu is the home of some of today's most beautiful TV personalities, actors and actresses, and key movers and shakers in society. Three Cebuanas, namely Rogelie Catacutan, Richelle Therese Borja, and Donna Maricel Cardino, all made it last year as candidates to Miss World Philippines 2011. This year, Rizzini Alexis Gomez and Vanessa Claudine Ammann will go head-to-head along with 23 other candidates in the quest of being named the country's most beautiful. Crown or no crown, these girls have already proven that Cebuanas are forces to reckon with in terms of beauty, brains, and character.

Richelle Therese Borja, Rogelie Catacutan, and Donna Maricel Cardino

Rizzini Alexis Gomez and Vanessa Claudine Ammann

Cebu is worth the visit because it combines the best of many worlds, and houses hospitable, courteous, and innately beautiful people. Planning a trip to the Queen City of the South sometime soon? Here's my a quick list of my personal recommendations of magnificent things you can't miss out. Before anything, make sure to check out the great hotel deals at to quickly secure your booking.:)

Life's a beach in Cebu! No matter which arrow in the compass you're headed in this island paradise, there's bound to be a white-hot beach haven of nothing but azure waters and powdery white sand beaches. Taking a dip is a MUST. From L-R: Sumilon Island, Malapascua, Sta. Fe Bantayan

Take in the magnificent and surreal city lights view from the Tops. I've been there numerous times myself and I'm still dumbfounded with how majestic it is from up there. I always tell friends that it feels like "communing with the universe." Ideal with your special someone in tow, haha.

Go scuba diving in Cebu, one of the world's best diving hubs. A diving instructor friend who has joined dives in other parts of the world once said that "if you're in Cebu and you're not diving, then that's a real shame". Best recommended diving spots include Malapascua, Moalboal, Mactan Island, and Sumilon Island.

Eat A LOT of Cebu Lechon. Need I say more? Anthony Bourdain didn't call this "the best pig EVEEER" for nothing, you know. Great hubs for lechon include Talisay, Carcar (if you're up for a drive), as well as CnT and ZubuChon for restaurants. Aside from lechon, other things to try are the pungko-pungko, Siomai sa Tisa, and barbeque from Larsians. Nom nom nom.

Oftentimes I find myself barraged with questions like " don't you ever plan to go out of the country?", or "when are you leaving Cebu?". Dreams and goals in hand, I already have some of my life plans in check, and to move elsewhere to "seek greener pastures" might just be the practical choice. Strangely enough, I find myself often procrastinating on working on said life plans elsewhere, because to be perfectly honest, I find the thought of leaving the beauty of Cebu behind quite dreadful. I'm scared at the thought of having to move my entire life somewhere far off and call that home, because home is perfectly beautiful the way it is now, right here in Cebu.

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  1. Hi, Eden!

    I can totally relate to the last paragraph of this blog entry, esp. this "I find the thought of leaving the beauty of Cebu behind quite dreadful." :)


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