Birds of Paradise

11:22 AM

"Birds of Paradise" Printed Dress by Simon, metal ankle cuffs bought online, Gay Giano metallic ankle-strap pumps, stud ring from Oxygen and metal cuff from Forever 21, shaping slip dress from MeMoi

Photos and Art Direction by Yuno Lloyd Bastareche

Thank you so much to my incredibly talented and good-looking (chos pero tinuod! hehe)friend Yuno Lloyd Bastareche of BLANC Magazine for these really decadent, fanciful, and somewhat eerie shots of me. Haylavet. Wore this outfit to the Starmobile Launch in Maya (more of that later), and we thought this amazing hedge wall perfectly complimented this dress, thus, me sheepishly busting posing moves while cars moved by. Hahaha. Thank you Yuno and Yves Camingue as well.

I decided to wear this AMAZING confection from Cebu-based brand Simon to this event, which brings to mind parts Mary Katrantzou, parts Givenchy's "birds of paradise", and just incredibly unique and eye-catching on the whole. Lord knows it'll take me a few lifetimes to raise enough money for those designer confections, but Simon houses spot-on trendy alternatives that definitely give a bang for your buck. Best part is, everything is tailor-made for a great fit. 

Thank you once again for dropping by! x 

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  1. Babe, i love the dress and the lush backdrop!

  2. Wow, the print on that dress is so gorgeous! You look beautiful in it.

  3. So pretty and stylish. lovely dress and beautiful pics. love it
    Parfum pas cher

  4. i love!very rihanna ang vibe!:)

  5. Oh babe I love your photos!! ♥ Fierce, sweetness, all rolled into one! LOVE YOUUU ♥ Hope to visit you and the rest in Cebu soon!

    Arnie Villanueva

  6. Beautiful dress with a lovely print! I really love the colour tones in your photos!


  7. love this! and it totally remind's me of Mary Katrantzou!
    also love your hair colour!
    following you now, would love a follow back ;)

  8. I love the dress, the hair, and of course the pictures!! :) Breathtaking, indeed.


  9. that background makes the outfit pop that much more. love your blog girl :)

  10. love your dress, Eden! na inlove kos print! beautiful photos sad!

  11. OMG BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! Ganda mo girl! And I suuper looove your shoes!!!

  12. Gorgeous Eden!!!! Can you hear me shouting!!!!??? Ganda! :) Thank you indeed to your friend for these amazing photos!

  13. Oh wow!! Sooo beautiful dress!! :)


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