Scarf Print Downtown

3:04 PM

vanessa bruno bag
thrifted scarf-print top, Hermes CDC-inspired cuff from WAGW, Vanessa Bruno satchel, Figliarina harness boots

Wearing Urbanears Plattan headphones in Light Grey
Photos by Thaad Sabolboro

I know I've been a bad, bad kitty! Hope you guys had a fantastic week thus far. I'm shuffling between piles of workload, and come Monday, school-- weird since I barely have time, I know, but it's an acting scholarship I just couldn't pass up. And not just any one at that-- I was offered this opportunity by the International Academy of Film and Television, where so many of today's brightest filmmakers graduated (boyfriend included). All the hard work that I've done doing bit acting for short films and plays paid off, and I guess they saw something that they liked in me. At 25, I never thought that I'd be back in "school" again, but then I'm always open to further learning. So this is what it'll be in the next few months: school by day, working by night. And with a new and much better and more flexible work client, hopefully a better blogging schedule. Yay.

I wore this decidedly casual and school-ey outfit during a visit to the school. Nothing gets more appropriate for everyday wear than low-heeled ankle boots, denim cutoffs, and a button-down. I think I'm already plotting my school uniform in my head, haha. 

I have to send a massive thank you to Digits Trading Corporation, the Philippines' premiere gadgets and lifestyle products distributor, for sending me my very own Urbanears Plattan headphones in Grey. Having had no luck with headphones in terms of durability and quality, these headphones have restored my faith. Will make sure to post a separate review of them soon.

 Thank you for checking in! xx

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  1. nice scarf print top!! :))

  2. love this look babe! School girl yeah! Congratulations for the scholarship btw. Miss you!

  3. i love your top, Eden! dili jud ko maswertehan ug in.ana sa ukay :s and you're based in Mactan again? :) sounds like a very interesting new venture! Good luck! :))

  4. the scarf print top is awesome! some scarf print items I've seen before are quite over the top, but this is wonderful and I especially love the way you paired it with the denim shorts and boots! :) and thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. it sucks that your bf refuses to take your outfit pictures! although as you mentioned he's sort of a photographer himself I'm sure if he looked up a few tips and took some awesome shots, he'd be addicted to doing outfit shoots!

  5. Awesome thrifted finds! I love your hair. :)) Followed your blog! Thanks!!

  6. Super love the top and the cuffs.


  7. Nice top and the bags... looks comfy to wear...:D

  8. Love this look!.I'm following u now on Google Connect.

    Hope to c u on my blog and follow me too..heheheheh



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