A Tattoo Story: First Ink with Alvin Pastor

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Getting inked for the first time seems like a really, really daunting thing to think of, and rightfully so. Many times have I made sweeping declarations about getting a tattoo, but they all fell in vain. I felt like there were honestly too many things to consider, and I was all too happy to keep putting it off. Firstly, you need to decide on a design you know you'll stand for until the day you die. Pressure much? Just the thought of putting something permanent on your skin is incredibly intimidating for most of us. Secondly, is the pain tolerable or intolerable? I think this factor held me back all those times, more than anything (yes, I'm quite the p**sy). And most importantly, you need to find the right tattoo artist you know you can develop a good relationship with.

Me and the boyf were decided on marking our 2nd year anniversary with our first small-piece tattoos (not of each other's names, if that's what you thought lol). The timing couldn't be more perfect as a friend introduced us to the former Leyte-based tattoo artist Alvin Pastor, who I've been hearing great things about. After careful consideration and research, I know we've found our artist.

Tattoo Alvin uses nothing but high-grade US-manufactured inks and tattoo peripherals.

Alvin Pastor initially outlining the design.

Initially making a name for himself in Leyte where he is considered as one of the biggest names in tattoo artistry, Alvin has just recently opened up shop here in Cebu City in the hopes of acquiring a bigger fanbase and opening more doors and opportunities. Alvin has won numerous tattoo competitions and has established a signature "freehand" approach.

 The first line is unforgettable.

Alvin Pastor at work on my bf's design.

His first shop located in Ramos Center is incredibly clean and well-maintained, which kind of puts you at ease especially as a first-timer. No one wants to get their tattoo done in an unhygienic setup anyway, no matter how much the cost. Thankfully everything here is spic and span.

My turn. Mega ouch. But I survived lol

Despite wasting many minutes threatening everyone that I was about to chicken out, I had my design done. Alvin was incredibly understanding of my ordeal, and helped talk me into going through with it. I had an overwhelming fear that I might not be able to withstand the pain-- but then again, he was  right. It was painful at a point, but quite tolerable. Well worth it.

 Hers and his.

For someone who's never ever gotten ink before, it seemed kind of surreal to see the final design etched on my skin permanently-- a double infinity sign, which stands for a lot of love and great moments. The nerd in my boyfriend got a USB logo, lol. Definitely no regrets. After getting inked for the very first time, I am now rearing to go back for more. Thank you, Alvin Pastor!

Tattoo Alvin is located in Ramos Center, Cebu City. For appointments/inquiries, contact Alvin Pastor at 09185495279 or message him on Facebook here.

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  1. lovely tats!! I love infinity sign :)

  2. sooooo jealous! nice tats love!

  3. Congrats on your first ink! I had my first about 3 years ago. I'm not getting another one until I'm deadset on the design. :P

  4. When I was younger I thought about doing a tattoo...but then I realized that I prefer my lovely piercing! Tatoo it's simply not for me, but I like yours and most of all...I like that there's a significant!
    Thanks for your comment Eden :)
    Enjoy your new "baby" eheheheh!!!


  5. absolutely incredible. i have had a tattoo in mind for a little over a year now but i cant get the guts to get it- what a commitment. completely felt you reading this.
    your tattoo looks stunning. glad you got to do this! <3

  6. Hehehehehe USB logo! That's very geeky in a cute way. :) Love your double infinity sign too. Gaa I'm scared of getting a tat but my boyfriends has a HUGE one on his back :) That's enough for both of us, I think :P

  7. Oh my gooood I can't imagine myself having a tattoo on my wrist area, babe. Scared like that :'( BUT GRABE! I admire you and your boyfff ♥ So sweet beb! >:D<

    Arnie Villanueva

  8. Interesting post :) I'm your new follower :)


  9. a big step and a big first!
    Whew! Looks painful but definitely pretty Eden!

    I want but super scared! Just thinking of it is making me nervous! Kaloka.

  10. Getting a tattoo is like a commitment. It's really sweet for the two of you to get inked on your 2nd anniversary.

  11. Love the designs, you guys got! Surprised to find out this is your first one. Always thought that you were secretly rocking a tatt already. haha

    Take care, doll! xx

  12. wow. I can't imagine myself having tattooed...not bcoz I dont like it but the pain ...omg...:D hahaha

  13. Finally you got one Eden! Love your design too :)


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