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Life lately has been a confusing hodgepodge of some, if not all of these things: juggling school and work life, a new baby in the family (not mine ha), my newfound love for functional and stylish flats, new tattoos, some renewed faith in the efficacy of retail therapy, and incessantly trolling my boyfriend over his childhood bowlcut. Lol.

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  1. Oh, I'm not YET in instagram. I still have to decide if I should be there. Haven't thought of investing in buying an expensive phone again. Lost a total of ten my entire lifetime. Maybe I should para naman ma member nasad ko sa cool kids. Haha!

    Miss you, Eden!

  2. bet ko mga shoes mo babe!!!
    gold dot ba yan?:)

  3. Inggit na ako. Everyone's on Instagram! :( Hahaha. And natawa ako dun sa "not my baby ha" - I've been mistaken to be the mom of my godson too. Probably cos I post so many pictures of him! :p

    When are you visiting Manila again? :) I officially met him na. Hahahaha!

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  4. Hi Eden! <3 I miss checkin your blog. Cebu is so small but hoping to bump onto you one day. :) Stay fab as always.

    loves here x rottennuke



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