Help the Flood Victims up North, Lifedance and Zalora Style

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I have just come from the hugely successful Tears for Fears concert here in Cebu, which I've been looking forward to seeing for months. Needless to say, I have a huge space in my heart for this band. In light of the recent turn of events in Manila, the band has decided to donate all proceeds of their merchandise sales for relief efforts, which makes them all the more incredible to me. 

It's still hard for me to talk about frivolous fashion stuff at the moment when so many of our brothers and sisters up north are still reeling from the aftermath of the deluge. Good news is, a lot of us have stepped up to become little heroes in our own right, reaching out and helping in every which way we can.

Our friends from Lifedance and Zalora have come up with their own initiatives to extend support to the victims of the flooding. Please support these, as well as all the other efforts, whenever possible.

LifeDance for Manila

Make this your Thursday habit for the month of August. On the 16th, Cebu's top DJs will gather as one in Vudu to spin for this important cause. Accepting donations of cash or in kind. 

Zalora: Fashion Fights the Flood Fundraiser

Zalora is putting together an incredible fundraiser on the 15th, along with some of the country's top bands for the ongoing relief efforts for the flood victims. On top of that,  they are also encouraging shoppers to donate through the website.

Make sure to check out their collaboration with actress and humanitarian KC Conception as she auctions off her stuff at the website--and yes, 100% of the sales will definitely be donated to charity. 

Hope you could spend your week with these amazing projects. Regular blogging resumes tomorrow! :)

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