What I Wore: Introducing My Favorite Jacket

10:23 PM

FINALLY.. An honest to goodness outfit post.

You guys all know that I got SERIOUSLY debilitated when i thought my camera conked out forever. Well, the good news is, i finally got it back from the service center! They replaced the lens and everything. Woot! A month has definitely been too long--had to wait like a beggar for my insanely busy friends to upload, that's why some posts are beyond delayed.. but I'm sure glad that's over.:)

For this post I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite pieces in my closet-this badass biker jacket. and trust me, quite a story behind this, too...



biker jacket--thrifted
striped minidress--George
pleather leggings--H&M
accessories--ubiquitous studded cuff, Pixel watch by ODM


Would you believe me if I told you that I got this insane jacket for only 50 pesos (a dollar)?! Was just scouring my usual thrifting haunts when i found this mint-condition beauty-- and I can't believe no one was sweeping it up, as it was incredible! well, biker chic wasn't "en vogue" then, so I guess that's that... thank God for recurring trends!


Spending the whole day in the beach under the sun maybe was not the best idea after all. Spent the weekend at a beach resort with friends, and see how tan i got! Wonder how long it takes to go back to my normal colour.:(


Most definitely love the city streetlights at night... I've grown up in the city my whole life, and I totally feel one and in my element in it. If i could move somewhere, I'd definitely choose a metropolis still.. But then again, nothing wrong with peace and quiet. I LOVE every single moment spent in beaches as well.


Got these Diesels from my cousin during a trip to the US-- kudos cuz, for knowing the kind of stuff that I want. My go-to shoes for casual days.

**Thanks to Carmina for taking the pictures!**

Before I forget, a huge THANK YOU to those who never forget to drop by my blog and for your continuing support. Thank you to all those who affirmed my stand regarding these petty people who leave nothing but the glooms-- your love and support has been overwhelming. Let me know if someone deserves a beatdown from your end, because I'd love to help. Haha. Kidding.

Lots of love, and I will resume to commenting today. XOXO

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    les go ukay. XD

  2. Hi Eden!! fab fab jacket! We should start a club "The-I-am-wearing-a-$1-jacket/blazer-but-I-look fabulous-club" hahah!! I think you misinterpreted the tank.. I did not DIY it I just bought it! I wish I had more time for DIY though..=)


  3. Hey Eden!

    Thank you for the lovely comment! Care to exchange links? :)


  4. Really! I couldn't believe that you got that biker jacket for $1.00!!! That's crazy! How come I don't find stuff like that? That's so cool! Love the leggings too! You look so amazing! xxoxoxo

  5. what a crazy steal on the jacket! i'd love to see more details/photos of it. wear it again soon!

  6. oh my for only 50 pesos?! lucky find! yes, it's so amazing to find beautiful pieces in ukay stores, haha! i still can't forget the feeling i had when i bought a Tsumori Chisato for only 125 pesos! Amazing, right!! :)

    your biker jacket pockets are so nice! and your diesel hi tops look so comfortable and perfect for this outfit!

  7. now that is the best find ever! wow!

    i always love the whole black ensemble, but i haven't tried the look yet.

    i love your tan.

    btw, bout that rude/hater passerby he/she got no balls. Am sorry. But that's what it is!

  8. AND You truly look like a "Biker CHIC-issimo/GLAM Rock-issime" feline whose sparkling/sexy presence illuminates Urban Darkness !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  9. Eden,

    I like that the b/w stripes top blended so well with the jacket, leggings and shoes. You're so freakin' cool lady. ;)

    Btw,just droppin by to say that you've been tagged.I'm curious to read your answers. Have a wonderful night ahead. Ayo-ayo! :)


  10. you are the epitome of urban cool.


  11. How lucky are you?
    That jacket is amazing.

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog, hopefully it can help you out a bit with shopping online.


  12. hey ! i love what you're wearing ! i'd be glad to exchange links as well, i added you to my blogroll ;)

  13. Wow, girl!
    Adorable jacket!
    I just bought a new leather jacket, thanks god, finally! I have been looking for it for months!
    Anyway, you're very nice here!

  14. Woah, so jealous of your jacket!

  15. I am loving the mini dress! i want it! xoxox

  16. The jacket!
    The leggings!
    The stripes!

    Ohmygod, you're such a rock star!!! Amazing. xxxx

  17. This outfit is ABSOLUTE HOTNESS! And i'm really feelin those urban kicks. Your photos blow my mind....love IT!

    Btw, hope to make a sweet trip out to Phil in the future to visit some fam. I hear Cebu is freakin gorgeous!

    love the blog girlie. keep it up! <3

  18. awesome dress!!!i love the whole outfit anyway...xxx

  19. oh i love your style! like raw and fly at the same time! really fashionable! yeah, fuck the haters! i mean i don't know you in person and i still admire you! do your thing.

  20. Hear hear! hun. There has been an influx of the bullying sort. We most highlight and band together to deliver our message that it is NOT ok AT ALL, Is pathetic and weak I think.

    Seriously $1? lol Gotta love thrift stores for magical finds like that. You look so HOT in it too!

    Yayness for the camera. I wcould NOT deal as well as you had if mine were bust lol. Kudos for your patience :D

    Love as always hun


  21. Fantastic outfit, I love it a lot! And I love that you're from Philippines because I am half Filipino mmm, Cebu is grand!

  22. eden, i really like the photo wherein you're sitting in the street..heheh..au walay sakyanan dnha..hehe..pero, cool kaau kag outfit rn ha..=)

  23. thanks E! just cant get to feel curecure most of the time... because of the business i went into... and comparing my body now to before... u get to be called the ginormous swine bodied :(

    but yes, matter not, i still get to have fun! and a very good tan! i love your shoes!!!!

  24. awesome jacket!!!

  25. Great find and such a fab way to jazz up that stripes dress! You look adorable!!!

  26. Wow, that jacket for a dollar! That's amazing. It's so cool! And I'm so happy for you that you got your camera back - yay!

  27. Love the outfit, especially he stripes with that awesome jacket!

  28. I like your rock-style very much, you look modern and sexy :-)

  29. your leggings are totally hardcore, I dig them. and the jacket is amazing!

    also, i've given your blog an award :)

  30. youuu look ballller! hahahah
    amazing great finds too!

    come and collect your award you definitely desrve it!

  31. that jacket it sooooo cuteeee!!!! love it!


  32. That jacket is amazing! And you got it for such a steal! Love the whole outfit.. your style is fab!

    xo, Becs

  33. You got the best buy on the planet! Great look on you!

  34. badass indeed!

    ei, sorry btw bout my no-show last friday. was called to work. *sigh*

  35. Thank you Eden for the comment. I seriously was teary eyed reading it! And you are so funny for what you wrote at the bottom of this post lol. Anway awesome find on the biker jacket. The heavens was smiling on you that day. Where'd you get the stud cuff? It's perfect.

  36. everything about wot u said, is na nengs ko...i love it

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