What I Wore: Glitz at the Gustavian 5.15

8:39 PM

Hello lovelies, it's Sunday morning (where I am)... how was YOUR weekend?

Did you get hammered? Or did you just stay home? Well whatever it was... hope you had fun all the same. No one likes a bad weekend! Here I am doing a bunch of catch-up posts.. as you well know, things have been hectic, blahblahblah...you guys know how things are with me!

We had the 2nd week's installment of the Glitz at the Gustavian Party Series last May 15, and what can I say? The event was
seriously bangin'. Featuring the collections of my good friends and babehs Chris Carlisle Jan Tatlonghari and Yves Martini Camingue along with the mixes of DJ Marvin Evangelista, there was of course tons of fun fabulousness all the way to the night.

your hostest with the mostest... for the evening

flaunting these incredible custom bangles from PanArts, one of the sponsors for Glitz


draped assymetrical minidress- custom Yves, Identify
accessories-Pan Arts
shoes- Shubizz
hair and make-up styling courtesy of Chiqz Espinosa of G.A.R.B.

Since it was his (and Chris') night to shine, it was mandatory that my outfit has to be customized by Yves (as if I'd have it any other way hehe).. the adorable one created this deliciously draped black mini. it was effortlessly sexy..just the kind of thing I love to go for. and the great plus is.. I get to have it. hahaha. thanks hun!

this evening's designers Chris and Yves with models Qia and Gretel. also in view... me with my new Shubizz oxfords. love the white heel!

a picture with my lovely friend Kristine of StyleCebu.com. love how our outfit tones complement!

As expected, our friends will never miss a rockin' party. Some shots:

With Armand and Klint Ferre

Qia, me, KF, Kristine and Carmina, the event's PR Manager

striking a pose with beats guru, DJ Marvin Evangelista

the cast and models posing with the beautiful Tatiana Arkangel'skaya, the one who made Glitz possible

I'm actually gonna write a separate review for the designers and their collection, but here's a few BTS (behind the scenes) shots for you:

Chris prepping the models prior to the show

my incredibly talented MUA Chiqz doing last minute touches

Again, my heart goes out to all of you who continue to support Chic In The Tropics! I haven't been back to full visiting and commenting mode.. just slowly doing it one at a time so please bear with me. Also, I've been given THREE awards from the lovelies, Annie, Ashita and Libby.. wow. thank you. you have no idea how much that means to me. I'll make sure to post in the next outing. Till then... XOXO!

**special thanks to Armand Alforque, Kristine Gianna Roa and Katya Zialcita for the photos:)

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  1. i love your shoes!!! reminds me that i had a dream a few days ago about shopping for oxford heels. lol

  2. i absolutely adore the black mini.

    how i wish i also had a designer friend who makes clothes for me. haha!!!

  3. oh lover! i love your outfit!!!!!!!!!!! couldnt always make it for gustav coz i got work on a fri... though went out last night with the boyf and girlf for a drink... :) lemme know next weekend... cheers


  4. oh lover! i love your outfit!!!!!!!!!!! couldnt always make it for gustav coz i got work on a fri... though went out last night with the boyf and girlf for a drink... :) lemme know next weekend... cheers


  5. Your dress is adorable, you look amazing :-)
    And your shoes are great!

  6. you looked abosutely gorgeous!
    love the blog, some great outfits you have.

  7. Hi there :)

    I love your shoes! i am really envious now.LOL!
    btw, the dress is really gorgeous, you so look stunning! have a great weekend!xx


  8. your dress and bracelets are awesome and you looked gorgeous!

  9. Stunning! Ahh this makes me miss the Cebu party scene.. I think I started too early, remember Zero Below? Gosh those were the days. Lovely photos!


  10. Thank you for your lovely comment, Eden. Your blogs are fantastic, and I added you on both of my Lists, and of course on Following lists.

    Fashion Moment
    Fashion Pulse

  11. oh my.. i looove your shoes, my dear!
    and also those cool bangles! absolutely GREAT!
    ahhh and alsoo.. your dress is hot, eden! it looks damn good on you!


  12. Oooooh my dear, I absolutely freakin' love that gorgeous wraparound dress. Yum. And your makeup and hair too - divine!

    You do need a sheer white tee...I think I've gone overboard though..I have about 10 versions. Lol!

    Hope you've had a fun weekend. It looks like it was made up of good ol alcoholic fun. I met up with some friends and we all listened to live music and had fab cocktails over innapropriate convos...haha good times!

  13. these pictures are fab, and I love your style. That dress is just amazing :)

  14. Hey Eden! You look absolutely gorg in that dress. So fierce! :) Looks like you had a fun night! I'm down for exchanging links.. adding you now!

    xo, Becs

  15. Eden thanks for the sweet greeting! You're a celebrity pala there in Cebu ha!!=P So lucky, you go clubbing in couture dresses!!=) Yves is so talented..


  16. So fabulous!
    Loving the asymmetric minidress!


  17. I think hose bracelets are fabulous! You look classy and lovely!


  18. You look like a star! I love the big bracelets you are wearing!

  19. always so stylish! you seemed to have a blast, seems like a really cool party!

  20. You look awesome. You always have the best nights out :)

  21. I loveeee the dress and the shoes!! <3 you look gorgeous!

  22. Since you posted those photos of the McHammer pants that Yves made, I was a fan right there and then.

    And that dress is stunning.


  23. You're so "Party Girl-esque contemporary Goddess" with your sexy asymmetrical Dress (Oooh The rhyme is involuntary) . . . And YES What a complementary stylish squad you make with your friend Kristine, very "GLAMorous Golden Girls" !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  24. hey eden

    God! your dress is to die for! You look amazing it suits you so much.

    Your friends look uber stylish too!

    Keep in touch!

  25. love your dress!

  26. ok, so how did I miss this post? YOu look HOT in that dress! Love it! Loved everything about it and love, love, love the big bangles you have on!

  27. you look soooo damn fabulous in that dress...and oh your shoes..so adorable!

  28. Your city, Cebu, is so cool!!
    I would like to trip there right now ;)

    A kiss and a hug! Love your interpretation of the shouder pads!
    really cool!


  29. i love, love the dress! you're so chic in it :D the bangles and earrings are adorable too. and yes, weekends are fun! Beach time for moi. Have a great day!

  30. Looks like you had a fabulous night!! That dress is fantastic! All you friends look so glamorous too!!

  31. Eden, you look so gorgeously dressed!!! I love that the dress is one-shouldered, has draping and is short in length!

  32. Eden, you look so gorgeously dressed!!! I love that the dress is one-shouldered, has draping and is short in length!

  33. That looks like an amazing evening! You always go to parties that seem so fabulous :)

  34. Fabulous outfit, I am always jealous of all the cool parties you go to!

  35. hey eden, thanks so much for the comment:) lovely dress by the way! i yet have to e-mail you regarding the shoes haha i promise will do so today if not tomorrow;)


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