What I Wore: Summer Soiree, and then Some

1:31 AM

Hey all, lovelies! Weekend is almost wrapping up, and hope its been FANTASTIC for you.

My sincerest apologies for some things: 1) not being able to post for like 3 days, and 2) not being able to get back to your comments. I'm incredibly swamped with stuff this week. So many events to attend, so many articles to finish, meetings to go to as well.. hard to believe, the only reason why I'm able to plop my butt here to write this is because I just have a breather of about an hour. I have two photo shoots to attend to this afternoon. Seriously wack, right? I promise regular programming will be back though in a few days.:)

Got invited to one of the city's ultimate summer shindig-- the exclusive Summer Soiree by top swimwear specialist Speedo and Ayala Center Cebu. It promised to be a night of tribal beats, cocktails, beautiful summer fashion, and equally gorgeous people, a hot summer night if you may.. but ironically it rained heavily just when things were really heating up, and it dampened the mood of the event (as it was outdoors). Still, great production, and I had a fun time.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


summer caftan-thrifted
studded sandals-Leaveland

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I found this AMAZING chiffon caftan just few days before the show-- a lucky break, considering i was looking for something exactly like it. The colours and the flowy, breezy cut reminded me so much of Esteban Cortezar's SS09 collection for Emanuel Ungaro, which I LOVED tremendously.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Definitely feels like this skirt..

Pardon the crazy antics, I just enjoyed attempting to do the chacha and whirling my skirt around. hahah. we got a few good laughs from this one!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The "boys", Yves and Brylle were definitely channeling Miami Vice, a slinkier, more dapper toast to summer:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And oh, finally posting the outfit that I wore to Mary Ty's show. Sad part about still NOT having your camera is waiting for your equally busy friends to upload their camera photos. Unfortunate, But its better than nothing.:)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


black top-Zara
gray top-Aeropostale
platinum skirt-Yves Identify
black platforms-Leaveland

I am so loving full flouncy skirts for summer! This platinum-hued creation by Yves definitely caught my eye. I just had to wear it!

me and my gorge friend Kristine, the beauty behind Stylecebu.com... check out her site for all things stylish in Cebu!

with Klint, Yves, Kristine and Gladys

Whew. I'm almost late to my photoshoot. Do wish me all the luck! Hard to believe summer's almost over. This has definitely been the most strenuous yet incredibly fun summer for me! How is YOUR summer coming along? Hope it's been great!

Thanks for droppin by and showing some love. Much love to you too! XOXO

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  1. im loving this caftan. totally feeling summer with it. can't believe it's thrifted. im all for anything thrifted!

    and u have really chic & stylish friends!

    and im also on the lookout for digi cams. my frend found this deal for only 13T for a 10 megapix cam at Colours. 0% for 12 months for Citibank. u might wanna get it too.

  2. I love your chiffon caftan :)

  3. You look amazing in that first dress! (:

  4. so jealous of all the parties you go to! and that caftan looks so chic on you. good luck on the photoshoot! i'm sure you'll rock that one :D

  5. Wooooow You have such a "Femme Fatalesque" prestance with your "Emilio Pucci-esque" caftan, very "Haughty Seduction AND Vacances à Capri" !!!
    ps: AND you make such a sexy/sparkling duo with your friend Kristine, just like a GLAMORous squad of Cebu's ambassadress !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  6. uuulallallall, u look hot! i love your dress!!!

  7. i am loving your caftan, it sort of reminds me of matthew williamson for h&m .
    nice thrift find !


  8. That caftan is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors.


  9. fabulous caftan!! thrift shops in the Phil are the best no? your friends are so fasyon too!


  10. Hi there,

    I loooooove your outfit :) (both actually!)
    Goodluck to your photoshoot and see you around!



  11. What a beautiful print! Love it!

  12. Wow, you're sure lucky to have your own photoshoot!
    I love what you wore to Mary Ty's show, and that caftan.. I can't believe you thrifted it, it's amazing! :)

  13. You were lucky to find that caftan. If I was with you I would have wrestled you for it....Of course you would have won LOL!

    Thank you for the lovely comments!

  14. You look beautiful in that dress! So pretty! I also love the silver dress you wore! Fabulous lady! xxoxoxxoo

  15. Love both dresses, so gorgeous!

  16. Hello! you commented on my blog previously and I thought I'd drop by (I'm a blogspot retard, so forgive me if it's taken this long--I've also added you to my blog roll, if you don't mind).

    I love your platinum, seemingly-lame skirt. I also love your thrifted kaftan--though I've never really thrifted myself, it takes quite a skill to be able to thrift wonderful items.

    Anyway, I'll be dropping by Cebu. It would be lovely to hang out. :)

  17. Your platinum skirt is just awesome!

  18. Love the caftan, lucky find!! =)

  19. love love the 1st outfit so very much!!! very elegant! love it! <3

  20. The colours in the first outfit are really great, they are perfect for you. But I love the second outfit, it's adorable - you look very sexy :-)

  21. This is a new side of you I have not seen before and I love it! You look so pretty. And of course at least one goof pose haha you are so fun! Fab outfit at the party!

  22. lovin that dress!!!!
    lookin good ; )

  23. So many gorgeous outfits! And the boys are so stylish, too!

  24. I love the green dress!!! :)

    Oh yeah, it's always awesome to find Filipino fashion bloggers because I know that we all have something nice to stash for the whole world to see :)

    Linking you!:)

  25. true to form, only you could make a caftan looks this hot--I love it! You look fabulous :-)

  26. the print on your dress is almost like that ungaro:) i totally love that ungaro skirt with the white blazer and the belt...

  27. U look beautiful :).. Eden, I will go to Cebu maybe next year with my hubby :). It is gonna be sooooo cool if we could meet u there.

    Take care my dear. God Bless!!!

  28. you have got to be kidding!

    that caftan? thrifted?

    i prolly wouldn't be THAT amazed had it been branded, but OMG, it is!!!!

    you have quite an eye there. and you prolly also have strong arms to push the clothes on hangers. haha lols!

    which gustavian? i seriously need a break from school.

    as for my facebook, i have the its link on my blog. check along the sides



    you must really feel that that is a real major accomplishment. i mean shoving clothes in hangers and getting your hands on such beauty.

    you've got quite an eye there and strong arms to match.

    gustavian this friday? which gustavian?
    i really need some break from school

    and about my facebook, i've got its link on my blog. just below where your blog is. but its not really amazing. it's still new

  30. You are the most cool people in the planet!
    Just Fantastic!

    I love this caftan so much!!! Sexy!!!!!

  31. that caftan does look really similar to that skirt! You look absolutely great in it and I love that shiny silver skirt!! =)


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