On the Boob Tube: Project Runway is Back!!

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Thanks to a "tip" from one of my favorite style bloggers, Dream Sequins, I got reminded that Project Runway-US FINALLY made its much-anticipated comeback today. Both euphoria and fear came in- I'm completely enthused, yet at the same time fearing that I'll be glued once more to my PC for hours on end streaming episode after episode.
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Tim Gunn shows us everytime that years of expertise, coupled with incredible character, will always work

I shamelessly admit that I am on the "PR mania" bandwagon, and don't deny it, a lot of you guys can relate! As "reality TV" as it gets (and we know it doesn't always connote positive tones), a lot of us lived and breathed with the characters. We cried when Jack Mackenroth (S4) had to leave due to a MRSA infection, laughed till we cried when Santino Rice (S2) did Tim Gunn impersonations REALLY well, and completely rolled our eyes with Wendy Pepper's (S1) "schemes". A lot of us crossed our fingers for our own favorites, and desired for others to be offed right away. Yep, those moments were totally TV, but they successfully crossed over and made their mark on the fashion-ready.
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Aren't we all in love with Christian Siriano? He is the cutest thing ever!

This season the guys move cross-country over to the West Coast and will be setting up base in the FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). They'll have a whole new set of faces with new aesthetics and new drama to bring to the show. Hell yeah its exciting! We'll just have to stay tuned to the season to find out.
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The faces of Season 6- let the drama unfold!

TO those who have seen it, how did you find it? What was your favorite season, or who was your favorite contestant? A lot of questions really. Do share your favorite moments!:) For now, I'm wishing everyone a good weekend. Auf Wiedersehen!

P.S. Do show some love and check out the incredible talents from PR-Philippines as well-- it's all on youtube!

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  1. Naku I hated that Wendy! Is she the old one na pinaglaruan nila ung picture of her daughter? I personally have no patience to watch it on TV, I'd rather wait for it on DVD or from the internet..=) Have you watched Stylista? Super ganda and addictive..

  2. Hi Eden, I'm so happy you're back posting again. I've missed you! Have a great weekend (hugs)

  3. Hi sweetie!!! Been missing you! I dont know how I feel about PR yet...I hope it's good..ahhhh!!!!

    In other news, I'm so happy you're back! XO

  4. Niiice I'm going to have to check it out!

  5. Hey Eden,
    How are you? :)
    I love this blogpost! I love PR soo much!
    I saw your outfit on your previous post.. you look soo nice! I love your floral skirt :)
    Btw, you dont need to lose weight! you look fine.

    Have a lovely weekend!



  6. hi eden! glad you're back! i miss seeing your ourtfits and all of those fabulous parties too. me likey season 4, where christian siriano won. and i like the fact that the contestants aren't snarky as the other reality shows. project runway is just bursting with talent!

  7. I started watching it when I saw it in a commercial here. It just sucks coz they went to a different network.

    Anyway Christian is amazing.. I would totally wear any of his stuff. :)

    >>> Rebecca Rose

  8. Didnt like the season premiere of Pr Phils.. too many drama queens..


  9. i love project runway. Am so glad it's back now.

  10. Hey Eden! How are you lovely? So glad PR is back, though I'm already mad about the first cut since I thought the other guy should have gone home. Anyway, I think my fav season was the one with Santino because Andre and Nick were on it. I'm also a Christian fan. Hope you are doing well!!

    xoxo, Becs

  11. I watched PR this weekend (well, I had to source it elsewhere since it's not airing in Europe yet) and I thought it was just ok. Maybe it will get better. Still love Tim Gunn even if Heidi annoys the heck out of me (it's probably because I unfortunately understand her silly German drivel). I can't say I was really impressed with any of the designs I saw but maybe they're just off to a slow start.

  12. Yay. I'm so excited about PR this season! And I have to check out PR Philippines on YouTube! You would LOVE the All-Stars challenge, if you enjoyed the personalities on prior seasons! Hope you have a great week, doll.

  13. I haven't seen it yet and I'm dying!!!! Glad to see you're back :-)

  14. Love Heidi but bored with the show its the same old thing every season, what do yout t

  15. I think Chloe was my fav. It could be because I shopped at her boutique when I lived in Houston and she was such a sweetie! Or course, Christian always cracked my arse up. I'm excited to see where this season goes!


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