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Even though the act of partying may be verbalized through different modes all over the world, we all DO know what it stands for: heading out with your best pals, putting your dancing shoes on, and just painting the town red. Yep, these are moments of total unadulterated fun.
I don't step out and party as much as I used to (i think aging and a crazy schedule does that to you), and more often than not I'm just content chilling with my friends over a beer or two. However ,there are just weekends that just reel you in completely, and the Penthouse 1st Year Anniversary Weekend did exactly that. With my pals in tow, we came and celebrated the 1st birthday of one of Cebu's top nightspots along with a lot of their patrons. There might have been some liquor, a hell of a lot of dancing, but it was all in good, clean fun.
Before I wrap up this entry, I'd like to extend my warmest thanks once more- I've read through some real sweet feedbacks as of late, and though sometimes it might take me a while to get back to you, it definitely does not mean that they are undermined. Kissez to you all XX
**special thanks to Mai Parco and Aiai Fernandez of Loft/Penthouse
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wearing a lace top and rolled-up denim shorts, all vintage; turquoise T-shirt bra from Bonds, DIY Bess-inspired rollover studded boots, bazaar-find bangles.
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Yves' Sprouse-inspired graffiti tee is a find from Robinsons. Also wearing his own DIY chainwear.
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socks n' studs
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with friends Ardie, Joy, Kenny and Jett
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my friend Marie heating up the dancefloor (really liked that dress too)
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L-R Kelly from KillerBee 92.3, Sarah, Ardie, Brylle.. partyin' up a storm!

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  1. woah! hot hot hot. the shoes makes my head spin right round.

  2. wow!partey!
    love the outfit!so chic!

  3. sounds like a very fun party!!!

    Take Care always


  4. you look great girl!
    xx breshna

  5. This means summer is right around the corner.

    Boutzie' ^_^

  6. Mmmh so "rolled-up / with exposed pocket short denim shorts = BOMBnextDoor-esque aesthetics at its Best !!!" (OOoooh YES, it Truly can be a delight to repeat Oneself about this kind of sexy/GLAMorous subjects) !!!
    Hope you're Well Dear Eden.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  7. i wish i could have gone to the anniversary...
    i was on my big sister's guest list but it was either the party or my friend's photoshoot..which i had to choose the latter.hehe.

    love the lace top and how you wore it! i don't think ma-carry ni nako..but you rocked it!

    ♥ bags of love giveaway | vanilla ice cream ♥

  8. these pics look fun!
    hot hot shoes indeed!


  9. hot look, eden! and i can't get enough of those DIY boots!!! btw, you look great when you smile!


  10. lumi-lindsay lohan ka nanaman. ^^ hehe. chos. love et! looked like u guys had fun. ^^

  11. After working so hard a girl deserves some fun!
    Enjoy :D
    Love your pictures Too!


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