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Hey guys, my apologies. I know I haven't been around most of last week. It's just that with the online project i'm working on there isn't much time to kill, and when I do have some time I'm way too drained to try to think of something to talk about, or I'd just want to go sleep, so that kills it right there.. but now I'm back with some upcoming posts, so that should tide me over.:) AND i'll be exposing that project really soon. Can't wait!

So sometime this week my bestest best friend Barbie celebrated her big 24th birthday with our closest peers, which she did with a pizza party and some karaoke after. Sometimes we love rolling simply but we have a hell of a good time with it anyway:)

So i stepped out in this number:
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
old knit dress-mom's, DIY chainwear from Yves, fishnets from Metro Ayala and CLN grommeted wedges

B had the most interesting cake by far, which is like, major WIN for me. I'm a huge Transformers geek, so sue me! Lol
Image Hosted by
B and her cake

Wrapped up the night singing our omnipresent karaoke favourites and drank our favorite liqueur of choice-- these are really the moments to celebrate the life of someone so full of zest and who never fails to inspire brilliance and love from all. Happy birthday, B!
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Guys, i should be able to get back to your sites and comments soon. But for now, seems like I'm heading back to sleep. Much love to you all XX

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  1. Love ur dress & accessories!

    Can't wait for your upcoming posts!

    ♥ Nicole

  2. looks like u had a blast at the party! yay for karaoke!:) u look fab in the knit dress, eden! great accessories, too:)

  3. the cake's cute and cool, reminds me of my kabataan days, though I'm still young pa naman. :) I love every piece that you wear. Fab, fab, fab. But the chainwear's the one that really catches my attention.

  4. Cute outfit, and looks like you had fun :)

  5. Hi Eden! How are you? You look fabulous. I love the fishnet stockings and your wedges. That cake is so fun and looks like you and your friends had a blast.

    Hope all is well!

    xo, becs

    p.s. My new URL is just (dropped the Wordpress). Can you update your links when you get a sec? Thanks lovey!

  6. That dress is also looks really comfy. ;)

    It looks like you had a great time! The picture of you and your friend in blue is very cool!

  7. love the knit sweater dress, Eden! and i'm still contemplating whether I should get a side shave too or not. :)

  8. wow i like your necklace here and you look fashionable just like mary-kate olsen :)

  9. Belated happy birthday to your bestest friend.Love your necklace!


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