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**Here's a fast one before i jet off for the rest of the day. Current status: brokenhearted. In the mood for breaking things but would much rather not. Hope you're all faring better than I am. I'll do my catching up with you all 2mrw at best. Do bear with me.


So last night the group trooped over the movies to catch the highly anticipated Tim Burton reboot of Alice in Wonderland. We all concurred in giving it 6.5 to 7 stars out of 10. Can't complain though, it was pretty entertaining, and as usual, the imagery of Burton is incredible.

So we just chilled out after in one of our favourite watering holes and passed by this closed off place with ongoing construction when we left, so by all means, we used it for the day's gratuitous outfit posts.
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wore this incredible one-off that i luckily found while thrift hunting. don't know if you see it clearly, but the frock has some insanely haphazard folding and pleating details, kind of a Westwood-y feel to it. much, much more of a knockout in actuality. also wearing nude booties gifted by Yves. sweet.
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Brylle's white dunk lows with the orange Day-Glo laces can really stop traffic. Talk about bright!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Aoi loves her some ladylike refinement in a ruffled black tank, miniskirt, and a boyfriend blazer
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Dominic channels "urban commando" in a DIY shredded shirt, black skinnies and combat boots
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The vest Yves is wearing (his own design, part of his March 2010 RTW) is JAWdropping in person. Must take daytime shots next time.

Thanks again guys and much love. Tschuss for now. I have to think some things through.

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  1. hope u feel better soon, eden:) u look fab in ur vintage dress and oh gosh, love the boots!!


  2. So luv ur outfit!! Hope ur having a good wknd xx

  3. love the dress! what can i say i love colors.

    heartbroken? aawww. hugs.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  4. love the colors on that dress!


  5. I remember when I shave my half my head, and just love showing it off.

    Love the look, and go head and break things, it not good to keep stuff bottle all up in you. Release the tension.


  6. i love your dress, the details of the folding/pleating work is amazing :) plus its jsut the right length :)

    you have such fab looking friends! :)

  7. What happened dear? I saw your status change in FB.. hope things start to look up for you soon.. the dress is amazing!


  8. love ur dress! very westwood indeed. ganda. and i loved alice! gosh. super inspiring. next post naten mad hatter naman? haha

  9. u shaved your head! u shaved it! u really shaved it... and its shaved! perfect my lovely!xxx where the hell do you thrift that kind of treasure?! dress is lovelyxxx

  10. You look fantastic with this new 'do.

  11. i love the draping on that dress! and the boots....gaaaah!

    P.S. I'm still jealous over that side-shave. :)


  12. i'm sorry to hear bout' what happened eden...
    hang in there...things will be rough for awhile but everything has a reason...i always believed that one thing is taken away from you to free your hands for something greater...

    my give-away might cheer you up..
    vanilla ice cream ♥ 
    | for the love of accessories |

  13. ridiculously hot shots! i absolutely love ALL the outfits... bold and unforgettable!

  14. super prety dress. i love the detailing. i hope you cheer up soon eden.

  15. *Hugs* Don't be sad! I hope it all works out.

    P.S. Your outfit is super cute!


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