complex x sperry top-sider launch and blogger meet

10:46 PM

vintage sheer polo, Vanessa Bruno bag, leather-panelled leggings from Thriftgasm Shop, denim fringe accessory from Trappings Cebu, red winged flatforms from Asianvogue

I know I've been a bad blogger and I'm sowwy :// I'm currently juggling a lot at the moment that even to sit idle in front of the PC makes me really want to pass out. I'm doing a play all weekends of September, I'm promoting a bar with my friends, I'm planning my 25th birthday thing (I'm that old... chos), I travelled out of town, and I still have my regular day job...medjo busy lang! Hopefully things will settle down. Sloooowly.

Almost a couple of weeks ago I trooped on over (along with Marco and Rabs of Philippine Street Fashionto the Complex Lifestyle Store to check out their launching of the Sperry Top-sider brand in Cebu and in the Philippines. Sperry, of course, is the iconic American brand most notable for creating the original boat shoe. Boat shoes or top-siders are very commonplace especially in mens' shoe brands, but it was Sperry who originally came up with it in 1935... a very cool slice of history if you ask me. 

For such incredible quality (even the straps are made of rawhide leather), it's remarkable to note that Sperrys are reasonably priced, ranging from Php3000-Php4000. At least you know that your  Sperry pair will outlast all other topsiders you might think of buying.:)

On top of letting us scarf through pizza and champagne, Complex also gave us a 50% discount GC to be used on a pair of Sperrys. Sweet. I'm buying my bf a pair.:)

Check out the full Sperry line (as well as other brands like Zoo York, Ecko, Creative Recreation, Keds, and others) at the Complex Lifestyle Store in Eastwood and Ayala Center Cebu.

Mucho thanks to Brian and Karen of Complex and Kristine of Instyle Cebu

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  1. once again, I love your shoes! :)

  2. Absolutely love your leggings and platforms! :)

    Kaye (

  3. I hear you! It is so hard to keep up with the social life. Haha! Big hurray to being silver, the hottest metal around. XD

  4. makes me want to sing Im on a Boat! hehehe im telling my dad about Sperry's being here na! he such a sucker for shoes, worse than I am! ^^


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