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10:34 PM

Sometime last week I found out that I was one of the lucky (and immensely grateful) bloggers from Cebu who got to receive the SM Accessories "Gift of Style" swag card valued at 2k a pop. I very nearly fell off my seat in the cab when I saw this inside the press kit. Like what my friend Vanessa would put it, me + this swag card = marriage made in material girl heaven. And especially since I got it a couple of days after my birthday... happy happy joy joy, that was.

 Just like how they wowed the fashion community in Manila, SM Accessories brought all that's fabulous down to the Queen City of the South and had a decadent presentation of their accessories line right in the heart of Metro Cebu. Look after look, models and A-list personalities alike sashayed down the runway decked out in the finest offerings from SM Accessories. More of the event wrap-up tomorrow.

 With my card, I was able to get a black basket weave clutch, this beautiful hard case textured clutch, rope belt in black leather, two statement neckpieces, and two connector rings (gave one to Vanessa). I was looking for more of the edgier pieces strictly for my usage, but most of the pieces were sold out.:( Thought of the bigger picture anyway and decided to get pieces that would be versatile enough for me and other styling needs in the future.

Kudos and many thanks to SM Accessories for spreading the love to us bloggers and for consistently being on top of the style game with new and continuously fashion forward pieces.

**Many thanks to David Jones Cua and Oj Hofer of Zee Lifestyle Magazine. Photos taken from my Canon 400D and edited on Adobe Photoshop-Lightroom. Pictures cannot be grabbed without permission.**

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  1. hala si eden nag clutch! nyahahaha kanang wa ko kabalo naunsa nang lay-out sa akong blog. naa koy gi click na ing.ana na bitaw. di na ko kabalo unsaon pagbalik. ABIBA ra ang belt oi. gamita naaaaa!

    luvya, panggeng.

  2. I love everything especially the woven clutch. :)

  3. Yahooo!!! Love the loot!!! I saw the croc clutch bag and wanted it also. That knitted one is cute too! How come I didn't get bags?? Hahah! Hoard-mates, unite! xoxo

  4. Fabulous gift for your birthday and SM really has it all. I love their House of Harlow like necklace.

  5. i especially love the woven clutch. yey for swag! :)

  6. Lovin all those accessories! :) they look classy! can't wait to see that on your looks!

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  7. Love love the items ;) especially the belt with tassels! So chic ;)

  8. congratulations for the well- derserved card, E!
    Happy Birthday!



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