MCCI's Ecowalk: Sustainability in Style

9:29 PM

A look from CAFA student Aia Monika Tupas... this look shut it down!
a creation from Rockellangelo dela Merced... props to the intricate detailing
this look was made from scraps of plastic packaging (i think of dried mangoes?)... fantastic details

Governor Gwen Garcia in a Cary Santiago creation.. she shut it down as well!

Yves and his runway muses, the lovely mother-daughter duo of Editha Cabahug and Catherine Cabahug from the Mandaue City Government
Designers Yves Camingue and Manuel Tumaque, Mrs. Annie Lim and Anya Lim of Anthill Fabric Gallery, and yours truly
wearing Yves Identify red blazer, vintage white dress with detailed embroidery,  SM Accessories clutch, Ashish-inspired wedges bought online

It's always amazing to see fashion transcend from being more than just an outlet for gratuitous moments of vanity into something more profound and representing a much bigger cause.

I was truly glad to have been invited to witness the style-savvy, eco-friendly initiative by the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with Anthill Fabric Gallery to spread the good word about sustainable fashion. The runway show, aptly dubbed as Ecowalk: Sustainability in Style opened with fantastic looks from the the USC-CAFA students made solely from scrap and waste materials from some of the big factories and businesses from the city of Mandaue. Students like Aia Monika Tupas, Rockell dela Merced, Mique Yapching and the rest of their classmates wowed with their very wearable and stylish executions.

The show then showcased eco-friendly looks made out of indigenous and native fabrics from some of the city's top designers, among which include Yves Camingue, Manuel Tumaque, Hans Coquilla, Rei Escario among others, with their looks worn by distinguished personalities from Mandaue City. Closing the show was Governor Gwen Garcia herself in Cary Santiago, who looked ravishing indeed.

I can't wait to see more of MCCI's efforts to promote sustainable fashion among their constituents. Kudos as well to director Joey Alberto for weaving together such a great event!

Much thanks to Karen Maestrado of the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the lovely mother and daughter tandem of Annie and Anya Lim of Anthill Fabric Gallery for the invite.

**all photos were taken via my Canon 400D. Pictures cannot be used without permission.

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  1. Love the event outfit! I applaud the great designs from the show :)

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  2. I love seeing different fashions with different material. I love the first dress in the beginning of this blog.


  3. It's nice how they come up with great ideas to grab people's interest more easily. Proud to be Mandauehanon :)


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