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7:06 AM

Topshop scallop tank, Moschino pants, thrifted studded boots, vintage Andrea Carrano bag

Hey guys, hope you're all doing great. I know I updated a bit too late this week-- I have tons of backlog posts to share, but I have also been feeling extra, extra lame the past few days. I caught the flu and I'm not a happy camper.:( But I'm like busy with so many things, I can't even afford to be sick. FML. Hoping things will look up soon though.

Just sharing something I wore while doing all the legwork for my client for a pre-nup shoot. This is something you'll typically see me in, except sometimes I do like to torture myself by doing my legwork in my 5-inch shoes instead. Haha. However, I had to dig deep downtown this time, so I wore these thrifted flat boots (LOVE)in case I had to make a run for it. :p

I also wish I was BSing you guys with these glasses, but unfortunately they're real prescription ones, and I have to wear them on a regular basis to correct my crappy vision.:( At least I got to pick these cute chartreuse frames, so at least I still feel a little bit like myself wearing them. 

I'll be announcing that giveaway I mentioned once I feel well enough to work out the kinks. For now, did you get to check out Duran Duran's new "Girl Panic!" video? Crazy fun and some of the 90s' supers are in it. Glad Simon Le Bon and the rest of the boys are back. MUST see.

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  1. ooohh, that Topshop scalloped tank!!
    I was thinking of getting the white one :)) Oh, you are also wearing glasses na! :)) I used to wear one but I'm now wearing contact lens. Had to let go of my nerdy phase bec. I started wearing them when I was in Grade 2. Yeah, I'm technically semi blind. Love the bag, by the way :))

  2. Edgy! :) Love the look of your pants different from the usual


  3. everytime i go downtown and wear shorts, a tee and a pair of slippers, i think about you and how you still rock fasyon even when going downtown..hehe. <3

    your boots are LOVE ma! where did you get them?

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. im also down with flu! super davis hasslehoff no? Im really looking forward to meet you! =) I love the shoes and the vintage bag!

  5. I'm digging the shoes, Eden! Walay effort ang outfit oi. For sure, all eyes were on you when you went downtown.

    And Girl Panic is just too bad-ass! Duran Duran did it again.

  6. OMG you look so different...good different, babe! love love love this look! so effortless x

  7. love your boots! fasyon pa rin ang glasses!

  8. Love the no-nonsense-simple-but-still-chic look. =) super love the top!

  9. Super angas mo lang.. Ahlavet!!! ;)

  10. Chic outfit! Comfy and simple, yet stylish. I have a similar top. Love the scalloped edges.
    Though you're busy, hope you've found time to relax

  11. I like your top and necklace :) hope you're feeling better now!


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