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downtown find accessories, except for full stud bangle--gift from the boyf from the States. prized possession.
vintage animal print shirt from Mom's closet, black textured bodycon from Forever 21, thrifted studded boots

All hell broke loose over the weekend as Forever 21 FINALLY opened its very first Cebu branch. I think Cebu just waited too damn long for their F21 fix, so just imagine the hysteria of finally having it here. As for me, I was on a self-imposed shopping ban and wanted to wait until the mad hype subsides, but I dragged my ass on over during the opening anyway as I also needed an outfit for a wedding the day after. Besides, I didn't want to miss out on the fun of seeing all the mayhem from the incredibly anxious and eager shoppers. Hehe.

As expected, the turnout WAS insane as hundreds upon hundreds rushed in even before opening time. In the very least,  F21 made us early birds happy as the first 250 received a 500 discount voucher and a loot bag of toiletries from Procter and Gamble. Paid off for me to actually wake up early to fall in line this time around!

I took off with this small loot from the store, which included this alloy plate necklace (needed one), leather jacket (can't have enough leather), bandage skirt (wedding!), and my super happy purchase, the spiked headband. Been meaning to DIY the Givenchy spike headband from seasons back, but this is a gorgeous and effortless alternative. Can't wait to wear!

Thank you so much for the love, you guys. Oh and don't forget to join the giveaway if you haven't xx

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  1. yey more shopping in cebu. :) love your outfit!!:)

  2. i think i saw u here. hahaha
    i was so overwhelmed upon entering forever 21... feels like paradise.

  3. ahh so finally youve decided on the glasses.. i went there later in the afternoon feeling kinda "unhyped up" so i didnt take home anything from the store. but will be back when the environment becomes saner hahaha.. will look out for the spiked headband too, thats going to catch the ire of my professor but kebs! haha

  4. Wow finally F21 in Cebu! :) I absolutely love that animal print shirt! also love the items you've bought! :)


  5. Ohhh love that alloy necklace, gwaps!! :))
    I think F21 will leave me hanging like a beggar this holidays! It's just too hard not to go there. There's this spirit that always drags me to the store! Now, I'm bankrupt! Haha! :))
    Nice finds, babe ;))

  6. hoping that someday forever21 will open here in baguio too :) i wanna visit cebu soon :DD love your outfit :DD

  7. I haven't been to F21 yet. :(
    your hair is super cool. I hope I'll bump into you someday. <3

  8. Where did you find those boots? I want them! Haha! Great pieces and I skipped the opening early morning. I did visit during late night and daig pa ang KK na linya oi! DMD!

  9. Yay for Cebu! Next,Davao! Hopefully soonest:) Love your accessories and the top! :D Just droppin by..hope you could visit mine sometime! New to fashion blogging:)

    Momma Y

  10. very cute outfit! love the print! <3

  11. I love the necklace you bought!!! :) Too bad, F21 in Cebu wasnt open yet when I got there last october. :( Anyway, followed you po! Hope you could follow back. :)


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