Pierre Restrained

7:08 AM

Photography: Hannah Bacalla
Grooming: Noe Villagonzalo
Styling: Eden V
Model: Pierre Sierra of LINES Models and Events
Patent Leather and Chainmail Harness by DSKNKT, white button up shirt from Zara
Special thanks to Vanessa East, Rabsin de la Cruz, Marco Diala, and Joseph Navales of LINES

Hannah's shots always take my breath away without fail, and this set which I styled for is no exemption. I got the opportunity to collaoborate again with the awesome young photographer for another shoot, this time styling for male model of the moment Pierre Sierra (you have to admit, the dude is a dreamboat! :)) of LINES Models. Me and Hannah ultimately decided on going with a very clean and minimalistic feel with the shots. Pierre has impeccable features very reminiscent of top male models like Josh Beech and John Kortajarena, and we really wanted his European attributes to stand out.

I made Pierre wear a men's button up from Zara and this patent leather and chainmail harness from my own "line", DSKNKT. As some of you well know I've been DIYing and making my own alternative accessories for awhile now, and I kind of had an attempt to sell or launch it as a full line. This is foiled by my constant lack of time, focus, and resources... we'll see. Anyway, I can't tell you just how happy I was to see this on him. I wanted him to take it home 'cuz he just looked so damn good in it. Nobody else could've pulled it off IMO. Too bad S&M-inspired leather harnesses aren't really Pierre's thing, hahaha. 

Anyway, I am cooking up a MAYJAH giveaway for all you lovers, which I'm sure I'll figure out at some point soon when I weed out my schedule of unnecessary crap. For the meantime, do keep posted xx

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  1. Hannah does it again!

    BTW, I just wanna make it clear. Is Pierre the give-away, Eden? XD

    Chos lang!

  2. i remember this guy kasy sigeg mafeature ni icban. asang price tag?

  3. had fun taking photos here! hahaha! Till next time love!

  4. If only I have the money to buy one. 5D Mark II is too expensive and I think it's not worth it to buy. But yeah, compared to 7D, 5D's better. :) followed you, hope you follow me as well. :)

    Kenneth, Blogger

  5. Hi Eden!!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!! You are so sweet! Thank you so much I'm so touched! Nice blog you got too, and I followed you already by the way :)

    See you on BU2!!


    <3 Yshy

  6. Nice guy :)


  7. Cool! I like the basics white shirt and jeans. :)


  8. These photos are so cool, really nice shooting! I like this post!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

    Don’t forget to enter the ZELEB giveaway on my blog!!
    Cosa mi metto???

  9. excellentooo!



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