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12:19 PM

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wearing a teal sheer top from Vanessa, bandage skirt and metal plate necklace from Forever 21, silver brogues from Schu

I've resigned to the fact that I'm getting ooold and I'm feeling it. What used to be restless weekends of  painting the town red have now been replaced by evenings sleeping in early or nights curled up watching DVDs over bites of ramen or fastfood. If I even have time, that is. With my day job in the weekdays and weekends spent styling or meeting up with clients for my freelance gigs, I  barely have any time or energy to be as spontaneous as I used to be. I'm a total workaholic if that still isn't obvious to you guys. Haha.

Though crazy weekends are becoming less and less of a force of habit, there are days that are too good to pass up without getting slightly buzzed. After assisting a friend with her cousin's wedding photography over the weekend, I joined my girls in Formo right after for a much needed liquor and music fix. I can't tell you just how many mojitos I managed to scarf down (because I totally lost count haha), but after having NOT gone out for a long time, I had such a crazy good time that the whole experience felt new again. That, and I was wearing the most happy-inducing shoes in the planet. I'll break my cardinal anti-flats rule for these Schu brogues. If this doesn't bring out the fun in you, I don't know what will!

Anyway, thanks for the support for my ongoing giveaway, you guys. As promised, I'm announcing the winners for the 20 free passes for Bloggers United 2. Here's the lucky ones going in for free:

1) Patricia Gabrielle Carino
2) Kerra Balabis
3) Mary France Navarro
4) Lilli Abatayo
5) Dylan Gallanza
6) Rovie Divinagracia
7) Misty Noelle Quijano
8) Anthonine Solis
9) Marie Joyce Cabebe
10) Alyssa Yu

Congratulations, you guys! You all get to bring a plus one btw. Please come over to my booth and say hi to me during the bazaar, that's all I ask. Hahaha. See you there!:)

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  1. Haha! thank you so much Eden! I'll surely drop by your booth. I can't wait to see you! -Joyce

  2. And I thought I was the only one with the anti-flats rule! I've never broken the rule ever, but I'd break it too for your snazzy shoes!


  3. your shoes rock! love the clubbing pictures, which totally reminds me i miss it!

  4. Wow! looks like you had a great night! I haven't tried the night life at Cebu yet, maybe on my next visit :)


  5. ahuh glittery brogues! pwede maibog? :]]] and yay to BU2!! :P PWEDE MAIBOG NASAD? please say hi to pax for me! I really love her! haha

  6. Congrats to the winners and for sure you'll have more of this alcohol induced fun for BU!

    Love the shoes ha. Makapa bow down gyud sa high heels.


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