How to Choose the Perfect Style for Your Girlfriend

6:08 AM

Boys, read up!

Buying a new dress for your girlfriend is quite an art. Your choice will demonstrate how well you know your partner, so it's important you bear in mind these three key factors:
·       What her tastes are
·       What will flatter her, and
·       What she's likely to wear again and again
It's a bit of a high-wire act, but if you can pull it off, she's bound to appreciate the effort you've put in. Here are our tips for finding the right dress to suit the occasion.

1. Anniversary night out
Try to find a balance between what she'd feel comfortable and attractive wearing and what you'd like to see her wear. If you're planning to take her to an exclusive restaurant, you'll want something form-fitting and elegant. You can't go wrong with the classic little black dress. An LBD is every woman's wardrobe standby, as it's both slimming and inherently stylish. A smart black dress is suitable for every occasion and needs only a dash of red lipstick for the look to be complete.

2. Holidays
The ideal holiday dress works for both daytime and evening. When you're getting ready to jet off for a break, try to find something that can be easily adapted. An embroidered tunic or kaftan is a great option: it can be slipped over her swimsuit to cover up after a day relaxing on the beach, then later on it can be dressed up with studded platforms and some statement jewellery for a night out. 

3. A night out with the girls
Think about how your girlfriend might like to look on a night out with her closest friends. If she's curvaceous, look for a wraparound dress that will really show off her figure. Or if she's slim, a fitted bodycon dress will look great; alternatively, you could opt for a classic pencil skirt with an elegant silk blouse for a touch of class. 

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