Negros Love Dance Festival 2013: Are YOU Ready for the Rush?

12:27 AM

It's on like Donkey Kong tonight here in the City of Smiles!

Me and a few Cebu blogger friends (Doyzkie of ILuvCebu, Norman of , Yuno of BLANC Magazine, and a few others) are kicking back here at the incredibly picturesque Bacolod City to cover the maiden voyage of their first (and hopefully won't be the last) major EDM party --the Negros Love Dance Festival 2013. It was an honor to have been invited to witness such a huge endeavor, which I'm sure will be a massive success. I haven't met anyone from Bacolod who wasn't up for a great party!

All roads to the District at Ayala North Point grounds tonight as #NLDF2013 brings together a mish-mash of top names in the Philippine club scene, as well as well-respected local DJs, among which include: DJ Rex Tenio of Dugout, DJ Eric Gella of Flow, Pioneer DJ Philippines Ambassador Arra Pascual, Clyde Harris, and Elmer Dado and Gruppo Tribale (my most anticipated act). It's going to be awesome!

We'll do our very best to do some liveblogging tonight to give you some real-time scoop of the action-- presumably if we're not that drunk yet, haha. Don't miss out on the first NLDF-- check out the scene if you're able!

I will also be doing what I love the most (no, it's not getting my drunk on haha) -- getting street snaps of all the stylish NLDF attendees! So don't be a stranger and make sure to stand out!

See you all tonight at the Negros Love Dance Festival 2013! Don't be a stranger!

**Special thanks to GoHotel Bacolod for housing us, as well as to Bing Torre, Ryan Saez, and the rest of the NLDF organizers:)

    Don't forget to grab the limited edition NLDF commemorative shirts and tanks at the venue. For more information, you can look up Inkcreme here.

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