Lazada Style Challenge: Office and Business Meeting Chic

6:26 AM

A lot of people believe that first impressions don't often mean a lot, but sometimes, they can make or break everything. With that in mind, just how important is one's outfit on that first major interview or client meeting?

I was recently contacted by top online shopping mall Lazada Philippines to collaborate with them for a style guide/lookbook article geared for all new graduates and the search for that crucial first job or client. As a former newbie myself in terms of work and the corporate life, I am a firm believer in making the right first impression; and that at times (more often than not actually), employers and potential business partners size us up through our external demeanor and what we wear. People don't advise you to "dress to the nines"  or "come in your best business casual" for nothing, right?

Here are two sets of looks that I've put together that I believe best channels an assertive, strong-willed, and hardworking young professional (who of course knows how to dress up well haha). All items are available from Lazada, BTW.


A smart, monochromatic sheath paired with the right kind of classic accessories can really take you places.

3) Kasaros 3-layer necklace, PhP 300.00
4) Michael Kors Lexington Chronograph MK5569, PhP 15600.00
5) Celine Satchel Bag with side pockets in Camel, PhP 1799.00


Though sometimes client meetings call for something less formal (especially if you're meeting them for dinner or coffee), a smart chunky cardigan, skinnies, basic pumps, and a handbag with a bright pop of color still makes one a standout.

3) Dion and Mary Aira Skinny Pants, PhP 570.00
4) Celine Cynthia Platform Heels, PhP 1499.00
5) Chelsi Leathershop Sabrina Handbag, PhP 4800.00

 Good luck with the shopping and hope this style guide helps you out in some way.:) Don't forget to follow Lazada on their official FB page and on their twitter for exclusive sales, new updates on items, and more :)

I'm truly sorry if I haven't blogged in awhile--let's just say that being sick is such a bitch. :( I've been having bouts of cough and colds as of late and I'm feeling like crap these past few days. Of all the times to get sick, mine happened at such an ill opportune time as a lot of summer-ender parties are just around the corner. I'm downing all the pills and meds I can to get well-- fervently hoping its going to work! :(

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    oh and about my blog, i get a numerous visits/day from this particular website with malicious content and its starting to worry me, Eden. asked gizelle if she has the same concern pero no man daw :( how about you?

  2. That Michael Kors wristwatch is a beauty!


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