Spring 2013 Jewelry Trends Redux: My Top Favorites

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These days, fashion trends come and go in a heartbeat. A lot of us love to stock up on the current season's "it" items-- it's a VERY hard addiction to cut especially if you're a fan of online shopping, right? The sad reality, however,  is a lot of these items will be very dated in just a couple of months or so. I used to be this kind of shopper until I got kind of wiser when it came to my purchases. These days, I prefer to invest in neutrals with a kick or an edge-- I'd rather buy a structured jacket than, say, a pricey digital print dress. If I really want something hyper trendy, I'd rather resort to bazaar finds and or thrifting so I don't invest a shitton of money on a piece I probably will only get to wear twice.

That's why I always believe in the power of accessories and jewelry. The right pieces just seem to stretch the potential of the pieces you've probably always had in your closet. The right clutch, cuff, necklace (smartly edited, of course) and other carefully curated additions can mean a whole lot of difference.

Here's a look back at some of my most favorite Spring 2013 accessory and jewelry trends:

Clear/Lucite/Perspex Accessories and Jewelry

image via en.vogue.fr

I can't say enough how much I loved this Spring 2013 trend. What was once deemed a "tacky" material was given a more polished, luxe edit for this season in the form of box clutches, stilletto heels, big clear cuffs, and more. The great news is, given its simple and minimalistic nature, I don't think this "trend" will run its course anytime soon. I'll definitely be wearing my Jeffrey Campbell "Soiree" for a long, long time.

Chokers | Big Chain and ID Necklaces

Firstly, who doesn't have Christine Centenera on their "style crush" list? And secondly, how awesome is her Celine ID necklace? This piece has been making quite a storm and is on the must-have list of virtually every style blogger out there (including yours truly). Its a bolder, sexier take on last season's metal-plate choker trend-- I just love how it perfectly polishes off any outfit with so much attitude.

For much friendlier price tags, I'm loving Luv AJ's ID necklaces, Mango (in stores for 1,700PhP), and PlusMinusTimesDivide 's version-only for 400PhP!

Gold Barrel Rings/Balenciaga Spring 2013 Rings

I don't think I'll ever stop obsessing over these Balenciaga rings anytime soon. I think these rings will age well  in any closet and can be worn season after season. Of course ASOS was quick to come up with a very, very good copy of these, but sadly they quickly ran out! I'm thinking of getting back to DIYing just for this one.

Fine Jewelry
Image via Free People

This is less of a "jewelry trend" and more of a classic must-have in any girl's closet. My mom has always told me about the importance of slowly investing in fine jewelry pieces because they last almost indefinitely (unless you're like me that easily loses the jewelry her mom gives her. sorry ma :(), are effortlessly seasonless, and sometimes their value could even be worth more over time. The best fine jewelry pieces for me are simple, understated ones, such as thin-band tennis bracelets, eternity rings, and thin necklaces. 

Anjolee currently houses some incredibly beautiful, customizable fine jewelry pieces I've seen recently. Start saving up for fine jewelry pieces now-- just make sure not to wear them while riding a jeepney!:)

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  1. i love everything lucite! if only we have cheaper alternatives to lucite clutches. the ones from Zara are even expehnsivvvv! love everything here, E!

  2. Such a nice collection of rings displayed above I must say. I love vintage rings and especially the white gold rings. I am a bit jealous of you because my fingers are too thin for a thick ring but I love these rings. Titanium wedding band


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