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I know I'm not exactly a "food blogger", but then again, don't get me started on talking about good food. I could probably go on and on about it for hours. I LOVE discovering great places to eat just as much as I do movie dates or shoe purchases. Admittedly we 've chosen not to eat out as much as we used to (honestly because I'm desperately trying to count my calories and lose weight haha), but when we do go out on those special dinners together, the boyf and I are always on the lookout for some key elements: a great ambiance, excellent location, and great value for money. It's more than just what you eat,  but rather an intimate experience made better with food that's equally memorable.

With that, I knew I couldn't refuse Kate and Carla's (who has an AMAZING blog by the way--click here) invitation to an exclusive preview of The Suite Room, a brand-new offshoot project from the creators of the Casa Verde franchise. We all know that we can't think about Casa Verde without having "great food" and "even more great food" come to mind, so I know I needed to be there. There's going to be a lot awesome food photos coming up, so hold on to your diets:
The Suite Room is a trend-setting concept from the Casa Verde group, and is aptly named for its luxe, hotel suite room-inspired interiors. 
bedroom slippers greeted us upon arrival. suite room, diba?
just to be clear-- we literally got to try everything on this menu @.@(sorry for the grainy phone shot)
classic Caesar salad that was definitely above the ordinary
the hubby's runaway favorite-- mixed greens with candied nuts, grapes, and dressed with strawberry vinaigrette. heaven!
The Suite Room's menu is still currently in the works as per the developers, and at that you'll be experiencing fusions of European, Oriental, Italian, and other dishes--and at that, I loved their Asian Beef and Shrimp Noodle
Can't have a soup menu without the classic Cream of Squash! This was particularly very good.
Carbs that are totally worth the cheat day over:  spaghetti and sausage in tomato sauce, spinach and ricotta cheese ravioli in tomato cream, bacon and mushroom pasta in pesto sauce, shrimp fettucine in alfredo sauce
Can you possibly resist this?! Gorgeous tuna sandwich with greens
And now, the pieces de resistance! For such reasonably priced dishes, their main courses are extremely generous in size and flavor. This pan-fried salmon on a bed of risotto... there are no words!
This Australian beef steak deserves a standing O and a repeat performance. So worth the price!
I just had to do another angle. Seriously just because.
This serving of citrus herb roasted chicken is HUGE. well worth the money.
For those who prefer something less heavier than red meat, this baked cream dory is perfect.
Told you it was a food overload!:)

VERDICT: If you're looking for a luxurious gourmet dining experience at very friendly price points, then The Suite Room in Cebu City is a place I would most definitely recommend. The food actually tastes as good as it looks, if not even more. The place is also small and intimate, to give their diners personalized and dedicated service. 

I'll be sure to come back (on cheat days, of course!:))

For more information on The Suite Room, visit

All photos by Thaad A Sabolboro
Thank you to Casa Verde, Kate Uy and Carla Adlawan for the invite! :)
don't grab any of these photos without permission por favor

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  1. very yummy looking miss eden :)

  2. This is very accessible to me! Must visit it soon. :) Have you tried Little Saigon Big Bangkok in Guadalupe? If you like Thai and Viet food, you might want check it out :D

  3. everything looks DELISH! literally drooling over that ceasar salad photo, eden!



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