Being Passionate is the Shit and Therese Sennerholt

4:57 AM

These days, I've been thinking less and less about shopping for shoes (okay... that maybe an outright lie haha) and other frivolities and more about adjusting to my freelance work life, finishing some screenplay ideas, and trying to make my clients happy. As someone who works from home, I truly understand the concept of "loving" your space-- clutter breeds a lot of hatred and unproductivity. Trust me, I knoooow.

I fell absolutely in love with the austerity and simplicity of Swedish graphic designer Therese Sennerholt's prints and home design ideas-- don't these look like awesome picker-uppers when you feel less and less empowered?

I'm now dreaming of moving out of our cramped, teeny-tiny apartment and into a wide, airy loft filled with Therese Sennerholt's work. Oh well, a girl can dream! Would it be a crime to DIY these, though?

You can order Therese Sennerholt prints here.

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  1. Haha, I love the "not an ordinary notebook" notebook! That's why I really, really dig Nordic/Scandinavian aesthetic is because of these things - they're clean, minimalist, functional, cozy, and pretty, of course!

  2. Love, let's boost up our artistry and make some crazy stuff soon! IMY!


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