Throwback OOTD: Team Player

8:09 AM


thrifted jumper | leather-finish pencil from Forever 21 Philippines | cuff from ShopWAGW | Cat-eye glasses from Romwe | earrings from Vintage Attic Batangas

photos by my long suffering partner Thaad Sabolboro, taken on my bestfriend's rooftop

No, I did not wear this printed-jumper-and-leather-skirt combo recently. As much as I reeeally want to flip my middle finger and be like, "f*ck you, weather! I'll wear whatever the f*ck I want", these days Cebu City just feels like one big fricking sauna. This intense heatwave has rendered nearly half of my wardrobe useless, considering how much I love my leathers and all. Unless I do a huge wardrobe update (money, wherefore art thou?), I'm sort of screwed.

Here's me "trying" to be a good blogger and getting rid of my mountain of backlogs, beginning with this outfit post taken back in January. Back then I had gotten pretty fricking sick of my peroxided blonde hair, but now that I'm suffering from doll bangs (really not a good idea during the summer, unless you have Blake Lively hair or something), I'm kind of bored with my current look and I want to go back to the bottle again. After having sooo many hair color changes, I seriously ran out of ideas. Thoughts and suggestions?

Anyway, you guys are love. Thanks for visiting! 

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  1. The heat is unforgiving. Nice glasses by the way. :)

    New post is up!
    XX, IamJenniya

  2. Love your look dear, thanks for dropping by on my blog... btw mind to follow each other?

  3. I am longing for heat. Try ombre hair Eden x


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