Throwback OOTD: Studs, Spikes, and Everything Nice

11:10 AM

The Base fitted jacket with studs | Yves Identify spiked white-button down shirt | corduroy pants from MeMoi | studded boots from Figliarina | Tonic oversized envelope clutch

Such a backlog, it's ridiculous! Lol, don't even ask me because I totally forgot which month this outfit post came from. I think either November, December or January? Haha... I also haven't been this blonde in a loong ass time.

I know it's been a little slow on ze blog lately and I'm sowwy :( On the upside though, I just started with a cool new job back in the real world! I've been working from home for awhile (a good 2 years ++ that I thought a change of environment might be necessary. I think though that I'm genuinely in the right place now and I absolutely enjoy where and what I'm doing-- that of which I'll be sharing with you all pretty soon!

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  1. I missed your blog posts! You definitely look fierce in this outfit! :)


  2. Syet, I want that spiked button-down shirt!! Mighty fierce!!! Can I ask you a question? How do you take care of your hair? 'Cause I know you like to experiment with different colors, so what's your hair care regimen? You should blog about that! :D

  3. I love your button down white shirt with spikes, love the length of it. <3

    xx Diana

  4. nice outer :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa


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