OOTD: Camo and Lucite Pride

6:25 AM

I think my hair (in this picture, at least, which is more than a month old) just had its very first natural "unicorn pooping a rainbow"moment. Please give me a moment to gush and be like, "totes pretty!" I'm looking at my hair in this picture with a tinge of regret after of course, less than a month later, I would totally nuke my hair yet again with a bottle of bleach.  Sadness.


Camo-print blazer, Yves Camingue | diy BOY London cropped top, Punk X Pretty | leatherette skater skirt, Forever 21 | Plexiglas wedges, Margiela X H & M

Photos by Thaad A. Sabolboro
Shot at The Chillage

Anyhoo, I'm currently trying to make a bet against myself in terms of where my blogging speed is concerned. Haggard and stressed me says I can't do no more than two posts a week a best, but I'll try to bet against that and go for three haha. Its definitely not getting any less hectic for me as I'm going full steam ahead work-wise-- but yes, I'm willing to bet against my current batting average (which isn't good :(() to keep my few dear readers updated more frequently.  Maybe a bucket of chicken for me myself and I in a month if I get to keep up! Or fine, shoes would be the healthier option :)

Wore this outfit when I hosted The Chillage's "Fashionably Live!" event for Independence Day which was quite a blast (I have pictures! Will share when I'm done with my nth backlog hehe). I think I'm getting extremely tired with event hosting though (what used to be my mainstay gig after my day jobs) , so yeah. I think I'm retiring (?!) from hosting indefinitely. I wanted to be less obvious about my "Filipino pride" outfit for that day, so I just decided to wear handmade things from my bff Yves Camingue and online shop Punk-X-Pretty. Close enough hehe.

I think I want to do an extensive hair blog post as per my blogger friend Honey Andrade, since yeah, I've basically tried the entire fricking color chart. For now, I'll lament on my black hair gone by and looking to discover more ways to take care of my newly blonde-again mane. 

Thanks for visiting! 

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  1. So in love with your style. <3 It's really nice, something that I would wear too, but I'll tweak some clothes but with the almost the same style. :)

    xx Diana

  2. nice outer, and super love the boots <3

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  3. Would definitely wait for that hair blog post, Eden! Love love love the wedges you're wearing! :)


  4. love that wedge boots! btw, love your makeup here ^_^


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