For Yves Camingue, On His Birthday

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(Yves, had to throw this in. Sorry. circa 2010 haha)

Today marks the birthday of one of my most favorite fashion people on this planet, so let me take the time to muse about him for the time being. Happy birthday, Yves Camingue!  

I don't know how far along you've followed this blog, but everyone knows Yves (Project Runway Philippines, Yvestyle, Yves Style Studio) and I go waaaay back. And by waaaaay back I mean even before fashion was born and bred in our heads and even before we had any money to spend for our fashion frivolities (to be able to buy a new eyeliner pencil was a huge achievement back then lol). Yves and I were trudging along in college as two broke-ass, fashion-obsessed students in the UP Cebu, back in the days when I wore thrifted neckties as a hip belt (PLEASE DON'T JUDGE LOL), and Yves had a penchant for wearing cargo pants and some guyliner. Yes, some really bad fashion decisions were had back in the day-- that's how long it has been!

(click Read More for more awkward photos!:D)

Make Your Own Havaianas 2011
2009. lol

To chronicle our journey together in getting to where we are these days is absolutely something worth of a 500-page memoir and a box of Kleenex (char!). I can also guarantee that your face is probably going to hurt from all the laughter, because making dumbf*ck, stupid jokes is what we do best. We absolutely enjoy satirizing and making fun of each other, simply because we can. We've had our fair share of ups and downs, endless arguments, and bad (personal, fashion, business, dating-- you name it!) decisions, but its great to note that we're still standing, and seemingly getting closer to the things we both individually aspired for. You can only really count your real friends in one hand if you work in this industry, and Yves is as real as it can be. I'll stop here because I'll end up crying on my keyboard, but you know what I mean. Haha.

To say that I'm glad for Yves' continuing success is an understatement. I'm elated, I'm ecstatic, and I'm expecting a lot more for the future. More than anyone, I've seen his life, his struggles and his victories behind closed curtains. It hasn't been that easy, and it definitely hasn't been handed to him on a silver platter,  but nothing so great comes easy anyway. Yves is totes on the road to greatness (and seriously, how awesome was his Look of Style Awards 2013 pieces?! I'll have to blog about that separately) and more!

Boracay 2012

So Happy Birthday, Yves. You know I'm one proud gay wifey, bestfriend, and sidekick. You've definitely come so far from our necktie and cargo pants days, hahaha. You know I'll always love ya!:)

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