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I really do wish Celine would leave me alone. Heck, I wish Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim and all of them would leave me alone, too! Hehehe... there isn't one internet moment where I'm not drooling over their new releases and thinking to myself, "I'll save up so I can get that next year for sure". Then "next year" rolls over, and again, I'll be like, "next year for sure"! Seeing from the dire lack of designer shit in this blog, I'm sure you can tell that that hasn't really materialized yet. Well... we'll always have next year! Lol. Seriously though, I'm still liking parody tees. They're just a tad bit more of a convo piece than your plain tees, right? 

gratuitous armpit and tattoo situation. hehehe
Celine Me Alone tee | leather panel pants from Romwe | boyf's shirt from PacSun | flared gusset bag from Charles and Keith | SWAP watch from Tomato Time Cebu | white pumps from Janeo | gold chain necklace from Creative Caprice

Anyway, after swearing off that I'll never wear high pointy pumps in my life, I finally caved in and bought this pair of whites from Janeo (one and the same with Janilyn). I've been getting rid of my "trendy" shoes, slowly building up a minimalist collection of seasonless yet sharp shoes. For something made of genuine leather, this was quite a steal at 1.3k (down from 4k). They look very much like these popular Gianvito Rossi pumps and these beautiful Manolos! Caveat emptor before buying pumps though: there's no way around it. They really do hurt like a beeyotch. :(

Thanks for dropping by! Have a good midweek grind ahead! xx

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