Nurse Jackie and the Hot Intern

12:26 AM

Yep... this happened last night! Boring, done before by everyone I know, but I deserve some props for still being able to  pull a "halloween couple costume" thing out of my ass the last minute (so please don't hate-- I knew I couldve done better lol)! We were seriously both hoping to go as Cosmo and Wanda of the Fairly Oddparents but couldn't find the right color wigs or contacts and didn't have time to prepare for anything... thankful that my sister actually works in the hospital industry and was kind enough to let me borrow her stuff for last night's Eerie Ball event at The Chillage. Sick, sick night. Everyone got way too drunk for their own good... which is exactly how Halloween should be, right? This is the one night I'll let myself off the hook, haha.

Crappy photos via Instagram-- thank god for their web embed feature. Real time updates made super possible!

Follow me @edeninthetropics for some silly photo fun and personal photo stuff :D

GTG -- but before that, here's what we went as in 2010, many moons and many kilos ago. Enjoy!

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