Sustainability Meets Style: AFrame Optics

4:00 AM

Wanda Tortoiseshell Sunglasses, AFrame Optics
(bought from The Chillage Store)

Hooray for employee discounts! I have seriously been jonesing on these tortoise shell sunglasses from AFrame Optics for awhile, and it was a relief to have bought them from our store.  I've been meaning to acquire a pair of tortoise shell sunnies for awhile-- The style is too classic and ageless to be ignored. The fit of this one in particular was great, it's made of bamboo, and plus points for it lovingly made by a homegrown Cebuano company. I'm sold!

I really have to give it to AFrame for constantly propagating and spreading the wonders of sustainable items of style here in Cebu. I believe that everything has to have an eco-friendly angle, and fashion is not exempted. I appreciate the fact that bamboo eyewear is slowly becoming a thing-- bamboo is 100% sustainable, of course (it grows like theres no tomorrow!), plus its also a huge part of our culture. 

These gorgeous beauties are also polarized for less eyestrain even in the blazing summer heat. Yahooo. Yep, these are totally my favorite at the moment.

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