Post-Holiday Red and Gold

4:30 AM

Steve Madden zipper satchel, thrifted top, Forever 21 skirt and cuff, Tonic Tatum cut-out booties, Cotton On metal plate belt

Am I a bit too late for the holiday festivities with this red and gold ensemble? I decided that the little gathering we had for an aunt of mine, who has been quite the diabetes survivor and fighter, was the perfect time to break out a little gold and sparkle. Isn't there a better time to celebrate than a loved one's birthday? Oh, and this crazy pretty top was such a steal at 50 pesos! I kid you the f*ck not. It looks even prettier and fancy shmancier in person!

Oh, and in case you noticed,  I recently cut my hair short yet again. Apparently, when I asked for a "trim", I gave the hairstylist the license to chop off 4 fricking inches without the slightest bit of remorse. Nooooice. I was actually happy that my hair was long-ish for once, so I guess I'll just have to deal and rock the hell out of this new do'...

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