Michigan Eats: Craft Beer and Crack Fries at Hopcat Detroit

3:58 PM

When you become a newly minted parent with no regular sitter (basically majority of us parents here in the US, hehe), the words "going out on the town" becomes a rarified, almost profound experience. I definitely have a newfound appreciation for something I used to take for granted. Two weeks ago, however, my brothers-in-law Clay and Brandon were in town for their birthdays-- we knew we had to go out sans babies (thank you, grandparents :)) and check out Hopcat, one of the most buzzed-about craft beer pubs in the country!

If microbrews are your thing, then look no further than Hopcat. Boasting of 130 taps in their joint (seriously. 130!), Hopcat houses some of the finest craft beer selections from the Midwest and other key parts the US and worldwide. Prices for these fine craft creations start at $5, which I think is mighty reasonable considering how special the drink is. Sidenote: do ask your servers about the heritage and more information of your craft beer order-- they are extremely knowledgeable at it! We picked up a ton of new information on the art of microbrewing as well as the small businesses that made our brewskies.

When making a trip to Hopcat, do NOT pass up on the Crack Fries-- they are so widely known for it, it's become its own thing (obvious reference to the drug here!). They're definitely unlike any other fries you've ever tried, I can tell you that much. On top of the craft beers and the crack fries, Hopcat does have a ton of food for the eat-and-drink crowd  With HUGE burgers and tacos at around $10, you definitely get value for money. No regrets on the carbo overload that night!

Overall, we were all glad to finally be able to check out this place and get to explore a bit of Greektown and downtown Detroit at night-- something which I haven't really done since I got here, being pregnant and all. Will for sure swing by Hopcat again when possible -- anyone want to babysit for us? Hehe.

For craft beer and menu options, visit Hopcat's website here.

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