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Quick question: how old were you when you felt like the world is yours for the taking? After asking around, it seems like the general consensus is 22. Taylor Swift did write a song about it, after all! I mean, don't you remember how awesome life was when you were 22? Your metabolism kicked ass, you most probably just started your first job right off college, and had all the energy in the world to work 8-5 and go to parties until early dawn. You were bright-eyed, fresh-faced, and optimistic. And hey, if you're still 22 or about to turn 22 still, enjoy!

It's been 6 years since I turned 22, and yes, I may not be as bright-eyed and fresh-faced as I was, but I'm still keeping the optimism alive. The only parties I attend are very small, three-person parties with my son and husband, my metabolism does NOT kick ass anymore (and I'm sure it's going to go downhill from here, hah!) ,and I barely have the energy to stay up for anything past 1 AM.  I realize that I am a tad bit too old for a lot of crazy shenanigans, and I'm fine with it. Just like me, it seems like most of my peers are getting married, conceiving babies, earning top promotions, or even moving out of the country. Our younger peers might say we're "getting boring", but I wouldn't exactly call it that-- it's just more like we're moving on to a different kind of party. And while it does get way tougher, the fulfillment is way more awesome than the bestestestestest best party you've ever attended when you were 22, I can guarantee you that.

While I do miss the awesomeness of my early twenties, I have zero regrets moving on and leaving all that behind (though yes, sometimes I am in the mood to grab a drink somewhere douche-y, hahaha!). We can't turn back our biological clocks and run away from the responsibilities that go with our aging, but we can still grab life by the balls. Your life didn't peak at 22-- you only just got started. So to all my friends who are afraid of growing old, or feel less amazing these days, just keep the faith alive and give everyday your best. Carpe diem, no matter how old we're getting!
 I chose this outfit post today because I get 22 vibes from it, though this was taken last year, hahaha. Anywayy, you guys have a good one! ;)

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