HOSTING DUTIES DAY 2: Leigh Tailored Jacket

12:24 AM

Winner will be decided  on the 15th, so drop your entries for the Sophistix-CITT Giveaway here

So Day 2 of my hosting gig turned out really well, and the fun really was in the details. Had more surprises for the audience this time, and though it is undeniably tiring, you just can't help but enjoy yourself once you see that everyone watching is having a ball as well. For the 2nd day I decided to go for clean yet fun pieces, and so I wore this lovely Leigh Tailored Jacket from Sophistix, which I received a couple of days back. 

This was definitely my favourite piece from the bunch. It's an on-trend piece without the overkill, the pop of red is a delight, and the tailoring kills. Seriously, and this opinion is impartial and without bias-- I was overwhelmed with the quality of the materials and the execution of the tailoring.. it definitely felt like custom pieces for a fraction of the price.

This piece is uber fun. Definitely made me feel like the "ringleader", harhar.:) (***Special thanks to Eknam K of

Leigh Tailored Jacket in red, Marks and Spencer white tank dress. (Hair and make-up by Dominic Sy)

playing around with the colour isolation settings, hehe

master of ceremonies


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  1. You look fantastic specially with that curls and the red jacket!

  2. definitely trendy. very cool shots

  3. that is an awesome jacket, eden! lucky you!!!

  4. the jacket is to die for.. where is it from??

  5. Awesome as ever outfit! You def. rocked it. Where's the red blazer from? :)

  6. Love the red on you!!!
    I adore your blog and I will cerainly be coming back to read more from you :)) Please check out my blog too and if you like, comments and follows are much appreciated! :)) <3

    Have a fab day!!! xxx

  7. Love the blazer hun! Btw your hair is amazing!! I'm thinking of doing that to my hair one day. Your hosting gig looks like fun :)
    follow me?

  8. You may have been the MC but you look like a rockstar!!



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