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Yves Identify military jacket with zip detail, bazaar find drape vest, Zara black tank, Clove shorts, Figliarina boot wedges

Sorry if the second photo is inducing psychedelic purple nightmares, hehe... Just wanted to share these new babies from Figliarina, which insane price reduction (P1000 off? seriously?) got me to just swipe the damn thing and added to my already hefty CC bill. For just PhP 700 I'm getting my sort-of-wannabe fix for the Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony shoes that everyone is still dying for even these days, and a kind-of-but-not really fix for insane boot wedges i'm still saving up for.. at least I'm getting a kind of in-between, so consider me a happy camper.

And in an amazeballs NYFashion Week update: Complex Geometries by Clayton Evans will be joining in on the runway. Sweet... definitely a reason for me to try to stay glued to the shows. Will you be hooked as well?

Much love to the new followers! xx

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  1. adore the entire outfit, dear!

    by the way, I might be going to Cebu if not this month maybe first week of October :)

  2. love that jacket!


  3. wow. i love! complex geo is one of my fave brands...

  4. i've been looking for shoes like that. can't believe you got it for 700 lang. sana may Figliarina rin dito samin. =D

  5. hi eden!:) thank you so much for visiting my blog! i followed you! you're chics in the tropics pala! i see your blog in a lot of sites hihi :) indeed you are very chic!:) i love your outfit!

  6. Love the photos, haha.

  7. Love this whole ensemble. Esp the jacket!!

    <3 Kelly

  8. Oh Eden I just miss seeing your outfits...and it perfectly fits YOU...

    just lovely....

    Kisses to you hun

  9. awesome outfit! i wish i can pull off geometric-ish outfit. hehe!


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