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EGAD! Absolutely can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I last blogged. Call me a delinquent! Even though I am online regularly, my blogging life currently sucks in order to make way with a lot of other pressing things to write about. It's been ridiculous since I resigned from work because I feel swamped all the more right now, but hey, at least I do it in the time I want, so I'm stressed but happy, at least.

Just sharing teaser shots of one of the many things we were working on lately. Yves will have a fashion show for Bailey's and Formo Cebu's THREAD STYLE SERIES this Wednesday, so we were scrambling to come up with a photoshoot for his pre-holiday collection. Yours truly assisted with the styling, and the boyfriend will be making a fashion video of the collection as well. The two of us have been viewing Jason Last's work many times lately (the man is a god), so we're pretty inspired to come up with a video original enough to call our own.

Phew, just let me catch a break and I'll be right back w y'all! ILY 

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  1. hoping to see you in a couple of week, dear!! :) I'm crossing my fingers my trip to Cebu will finally push through

  2. WOW seems like a very busy week for you Eden...just chillax a bit darling...ang beauty!!!!

    great team you got there...and Yves is really good....


  3. Oh I love the looks Eden!!! =) More power!!!

  4. thanks for your comment, Eden! no one's ever called us that before HAHA. and i am jealous of your boyfriend's hair! haha :D

  5. Awesome! I can't wait to see the final results.

    I've been a bad blogger too. Glad to catch up no yours!

    <3 Kelly

  6. haha no one's ever called us that before, but than you, eden!

    i am jealous of your boyfriend's hair, btw. i wanted something like that the last time i had my hair cut... but i chickened out at the last minute. HA HA.


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