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Hey guys, just wanted to drop by to say thank you to all those who popped in with their really sweet comments about the "nightmare" incident that occurred last week. I'm sorry if I haven't been back for awhile, I am pretty swamped but in a whole new level, I guess. I've quit my job as a radio DJ for reasons I can't really expand on-- I think it happens to some of us, we do a job for so long that it just becomes routine, and we long to just expand our wings to try out new ventures... I've let go of something I've been doing for so long, but I'm seriously very happy. I think that's all I've needed, to take my time back and reclaim it and do as I wish with it. I think eventually I will go back to being a jock, crazy to say but I think it's really ingrained in me, but it will take awhile for me to get back to that again.

No need to worry about me though-- I think I'll be around more often eventually, blogging away, but for the moment I am wrapped up in more freelance projects, one of which is my baby, the newest fashion news site My Celebrity Stylist. A business venture by a media company based in Florida, MCS aims to [eventually] compete with bigger names, but for now I'm just the sole editor and writer for the site. Tiring, but fun! It's a good feeling to be paid for something I really, really love doing anyway.

Check MCS regularly for the newest fashion tidbits! xx

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  1. Oh Eden I am so happy for you with have great posts and articles for it...will continue to support you for sure!!!



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