6:40 AM

Me and the boyfriend won roundtrip tickets to Hongkong! Wheee!

I know  we're both wearing ridiculously bright yellow Day-Glo outfits, but these tickets came as the biggest prize in the pot for those who came in their best neon 80's inspired get-up for Y101's Bootleg Gold party sometime ago. Yes, that explains all that neon! But of course, costumes and the 80's totally scream yours truly, so I was pretty determined to win first place. That entailed having bright neon yellow fabric patched all over my brand new gray dress (I wanted something custom and I didn't have time to have a whole new dress sewn, huhuh) and wearing space-age leggings, but hey! It did pay off cuz I won us round-trip tickets for two. To Hongkong, no less. I am absolutely over the moon!

My lovely gal pals came to party as well, and it was just awesome to note that all three top prizes went to the team! Jon won an overnight stay for two at the Parklane (for third place) and Joy bagged the super covetable overnight stay for two at  Hilton Cebu for second place. Sweet.

The boyfriend was NOT a happy camper in the ridiculous 80's get-up that I styled for him, but he looked like he was ripped out of a 1985 Teen Beat issue or something, and I fell in love even more.

Can't wait to hit the big HK!

Also, congratulations to Y101 for being the #1 online radio station based in the Philippines, and for throwing a damn good party!

Special thanks to Kristine of InStyleCebu.com for the pictures 

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  1. Lucky!!! And your boyf looks like he is working that 80s look. Haha.

    (Will put you up on my blogroll, of course. I really should be updating my list anyway.) :)

  2. lucky girl! :D well-deserved, because you look simply awesome in neon!

    boat ride through the sky

  3. Wahahaha Congratulations Eden...and I love the neon color...you really stand out and you deserve to win...can't wait for you to hit hongkong and post lovely photos of you there...

    Congrats also to the entire team...



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