8:52 AM

Mom's printed overcoat (vintage), Wet Seal print tank, thrifted full skirt, Figliarina shoes, G.Gozum and SM accessories

I just had to bolt from the bed to write this post. I was in the middle of a "brain break" after brainstorming for awhile on my boyfriend's thesis film script when I fell asleep and slipped into an episode of "sleep paralysis" or urom/bangugot as us locals prefer to call it, and now I'm kind of afraid to go back to sleep for the meantime. I'm sitting here sipping red wine from a tea cup (desperate measures), trying to calm myself down and figuring out the propensity of my nightmare and how I slipped to-and-fro the subconscious and the conscious and back... how I knew I was kind of awake, and kind of not, but I couldn't bring myself to wake up, and shadows danced around as my eyes tried to slip away from REM... freaky shit.

I know that there's always a less freaky, non-supernatural reason as to why sleep paralysis happens to some of us, but it's still perturbing how dreams can be THAT pervasive when they want to be.

Did this ever happen to you before? Stress related or not, whatever the cause for it, I can't crawl back to bed. Not right now, at least.

Outfit post is totally unrelated to this post. Took this during a press conference I attended last week. For some reason this outfit makes me smile.

Much love to all of you, and may you sleep soundly tonight, sleep paralysis-free xx

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  1. Babe, love the shirt cinched with a belt! I may have to copy this look!

  2. thank you so much for adding me to your blogroll, eden!:)
    may i say i love your shoes and cover up here!:) really lovely. i hate bangungots..i get that a lot before and i as well dont go back to sleep easily. hate the feeling :|

  3. This is soooooo gorgeous! Especially, those heels!

    Just, wow!


  4. Wow, that is seriously freaky! I've been through that too, and it ain't fun I hope you've been sleeping better.

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog. ;3

    ~ Ligaya

  5. gah, it's so freaky when that happens! it's happened to me a few times. i understand how terrible it feels.

    try drinking warm milk or something? maybe it'll help you sleep better. :)

    boat ride through the sky

  6. omg eden...i'm glad you're okay though and that u did get to wake up. i haven't had any urom but i have pretty terrible dreams that i end up crying, in my dreams and real life....

    ♥ polka dress GIVEAWAY this way! ♥

  7. Love love love love love this outfit :)
    aaaw hope you'll be able to sleep na.

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. omg eden I also often experience this nightmare! when you know you're awake, as in your mind is racing, but you can't force yourself to open your eyes. Horrifying. Sometimes I feel something pushing my chest down eeeek freaky!!! i just wiggle my toe whenever I slip into conscious unconsciousness. works everytime. btw, Love how you layered your clothes. :)

  9. outfit's fab as always :)

    ghaaad I hate it when that happens. hoping you'll be able to get some sound sleep soon dear :)

  10. I think we slip into a little sleep paralysis mode when we´re in deep REM but a total one is definitely dangerous. I do have that once in a while especially when I´m full or too stressed out. What I don´t like are the nightmares that comes with it.

    On a lighter note, love your shoes! :)

  11. whenever i have urom i'm always scared of sleeping after. arrgh!

    love your overcoat eden. xx

  12. It's happened to me too! OMG. The feeling that I know it's a nightmare, and I'm half awake since I can see my room, but I can't move?I'm shouting inside my head but I can hear that I'm barely making a sound? Grabe.---that usually happens to me if a. I'm stressed about something or, b. I'm lacking sleep.
    Hope you're OK now!

  13. i love your layering here. and i still can't get over your shoes, i badly want one in black! and your skirt is so pretty! anyway, hope you'll be able to sleep na, and i wish you the sweetest dream. hope there's no more nightmares. =)

  14. Hi Eden!
    I had experienced that feeling too, and it's very scary I don't want to sleep after that..:(

    Hope your fine now..:D

    I'm following you now and will add to my links too!! :D and thanks for the comment!


  15. I think Stress related Eden...I have those freaky nightmares to that makes me want to just stay awake for the rest of the night...

    Love the outfit especially the color ensemble BLUE my favorite color whehehehe!!!!


  16. i love the outfit! :)

    i think everyone has had those dreams every now and then. but just thinking about it freaks me out.

    btw thanks for adding us in your blogroll. :)


  17. This sounds really scary. I haven't really had any of those lately, but sometimes I get really bad nightmares. Usually stressed induced, I think.

  18. I really like this outfit, becuase it very simple but it still has a flare to it.


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