playtime in leather

1:18 AM

wearing a gifted vintage leather jacket from Vanessa East, thrifted shirt, River Island shorts, Behaviour print baggy, Baxter wedges courtesy of Gold Dot Cebu

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, I am a HUGE dog person. Taking care of two dogs is something that I proudly balance everyday despite my already fragile schedule. Me and boyfriend share custody of Mozart, a big black lab, but since my bf is in the US, Mozart is my sole responsibility. With that, I have to wake up at 6am every day (I sleep at 3am usually) to feed and walk him, and I have to repeat the same routine at around 6pm. Along with Mozart I also take care of my sister's puppy named Panda, who is sometimes quite honestly Satan wrapped in a really cute package. No kidding.

A couple of weeks ago I took my friend and fellow blogger Rabsin's invite to a dog walk in IT Park for Panda and his puppy Solace, Panda's brother (bought them from the same litter). The result was just pure mayhem as both the silly little critters tried to beat each others asses up the whole time. Lol. Our girl Vanessa, who isn't much of a dog person herself, is quickly becoming one. Welcome to the club soon, beb!

Much kudos as well to Gold Dot for creating these about taking the concept of the 'black wedge bootie' to the next level. 

Thanks for the love... more coming up! xx

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  1. your entries just makes me smile everytime I read them Eden!!! Lovit!

  2. Pwede diay mag-dog walk sa IT Park? Humanda. :)

  3. great photos!! love your outfit and hair color <3

  4. I love your baxter wedges and how come we don't cross paths in IT park? I run there almost every night.

  5. I'm so digging the whole look!

    love your top too. :D

  6. I like your leather jacket! :) Suitable for the rainy season. :D Your dog is so adorable!!! How I wish I can take care of one really... :(

  7. woooow Eden! Your dogs are sooo cute makes me want to cuddle them! Walking the dog wearing leather and in Gold Dot, why not?! :) Lovely kaau gwaps

  8. wow you rock in that leather outfit! and its so cute that you take care of dogs :) and oh, thanks for visiting my blog, im so flatttered.

    *im a new follower :)

  9. I love your jacket! And I'm a huge dog lover too! We have six dogs in the house :)


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