vacation sensation

8:43 PM

wearing Ropa lightbulb necklace, black thrifted knit top, Topshop inner tank, DIY stars and stripes shorts, creeper boots from Asianvogue

These days, with my bf away from me and with my schedule getting increasingly maddening, I long for those short but incredible chances to get away for awhile and thoroughly enjoy with friends elsewhere. It really doesn't matter where it is as long as I'm with great company. 

This year I finally had the opportunity to visit Dumaguete City for the Silliman Founder's Weekend after planning to go for many, many years now. Trooped on over with my good friends Marco and Rabsin (from PSF) and Vanessa to experience a slice of the revelry in another city... and boy, did we have an insanely good time. We hit the famed El Camino and went swimming the day after.  More times like this, please.

I also finally got to wear my recently DIYed stars and stripes shorts--I've been meaning to DIY this for like FOREVER after seeing the now sold out Topshop ones. Very, very happy with the result. Mad props to Asianvogue for these sick Wang-inspired creepers-I think they also drew as much attention as the shorts.;)

Thanks to everyone who always come around to visit... ily all xx

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  1. Eden, the DIY, you can seriously sell them or we can have under the table transaction. Haha! Shorts can only go shorter and like you, been wanting to take home the one in topshop but too pricey. Sick photos, too.

    AND... escape is the only option, sometimes.

  2. love the DIY shorts! winner sis! ^^

  3. I love your photos!! Your shorts look amazing.. I have been wanting to make a pair but it's really beyond my competency level!!


  4. wow... the pics are really cool. nice playin with lights... and really cool shorts... :D

  5. Love what you're wearing! :) and the boots most especially :)

    Kaye (

  6. i love love love the first photo! ;) thanks for stumbling upon my blog. Followed you too!

    stay awesome eden!



  7. Hi dear, thanks you for your sweet comment on my blog, your blog is lovely and I have to say I love these pictures; you guys seemed to have had a blast and your outfit rocks, I love those shorts, love I tell you! Your have a lovely blog and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  8. OMG, loooooove your shorts !!!

    BTW: Nice blog - I'm following you from now on. Visit my blog and follow me too, if you like :)

    Kisses from Germany !!!

  9. Stunning as always, Eden! Those DIY shorts turned out really awesome and each photo is like a mini party! :) Love. xx

  10. hahah char ra gud! Definitely following :) See you in November!

  11. hahah char ra gud! Definitely following :) See you in November!

  12. i love the light effects on your photos!!! :D


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