Memories of Mangodlong Paradise

1:22 PM

image model and now Miss Cebu 2012 finalist Chloe Palang. she's gorgeous inside and out. keri ang electric Pocahontas effect hehe
imagine waking up to these images. every. single. day.

lasingan lang nang konting-konti. hehehe.
cute shot of my friend Pax with her scuba gear on. yes, we got to try it, finally
tried kayaking like as if we were good at it.. hahaha
but of course, worked really hard naman styling chloe for her shots.
final result for their billboards, streamers and print ads. yay. 
and another version for standees/vertical collaterals. chloe is just perfect for the job! Thank you to beach baby Vanessa for assisting me in a peg she knows best! And Pax for the photos

Back in the days of blondness (2-3 months ago) I received a call from Chloe Palang, an old friend from college, to book me as a stylist for her photoshoot in Camotes Island. She literally called a couple of hours right before the boat was set to sail for the whole weekend, and I was left with no time to even think about it. I packed whatever last-minute styling options and all the make-up (I had to do that for her as well) I could and hopped on board the project anyway. I don't say no to a good styling opportunity, as well as the words "beach", "spontaneous adventure" and "free travel and accomodations". Haha.

Three days later and with so many amazing memories in tow, our stay in Mangodlong is absolutely one of the biggest, happiest highlights of my year. We got to enjoy the facilities as much as we were working, and all the fun we had was nothing short of amazing. The  resort itself is serene, intimate, and unadulterated. This was such a happy, happy place that I'm rearing to go back too early next year. I can't wait.

Kudos to Chloe for joining the search for Miss Cebu for 2012! Truly a beauty inside and out. I know you'll go very, very far in the competition. Good luck!


I'm still very sad and bothered with the aftermath of Sendong in CDO and Iligan that I searched my archives and backlogs for an experience that genuinely made me happy and I remembered this as I didn't feel like blogging about fabulous parties and/or holiday cheer. For now I've packed a couple of boxes of clothes and relief goods but I'm still thinking of more ways to help. Let's all do more in every which way we can.

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  1. i want to go there sooo bad! saw you in skycable and i was like MOM WE SHOULD GO THERE! hahha suyaon much? but really the place is divine!

  2. amazing pics!! This place is wonderfull!

  3. amazing pics!! This place is wonderfull!

  4. yay to chloe! beach babe forever si vanessa east:)

  5. Uwo, that's so pretty! I really like what you did with her hair: braids, headband and feathers!


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