Best Cebu Blogs 2011 Award for CITT!

11:49 AM

Me being really cheesy and speechy in front of everyone. Affected lang talaga. Hahaha. And thank you committee for choosing that shot of me. Yay. It's one of my favorites.
Sinjin Pineda from The Libotero, Irene Francisco of Wandering Barefoot, Atty. Ethelbert Ouano of LaagCebu, Justinne Go of Babe for Food, Kristine Roa of InStyle Cebu
Fellow Best Cebu Blogs awardees from different categories
 took a shot of the cracked nails I just had done in the morning. So, so not worth it. It falls apart very easily.
Getting my gift pack from Cebu Bloggers Society founder Mark Monta-- won a Nokia phone and a Globe Tattoo internet stick. Thank you Nokia Philippines and Globe! :)
Red mary janes from Michael Antonio bought from BU2. So, so cute. I felt girly all of a sudden hahaha.
Plus Minus Times Divide metal plate collar necklace, downtown rings and cuffs, Levis "Go Forth"  armband. Thank you Jeff Songco of Thinline Advertising!
thrifted metallic knit jumper, River Island black shorts. crew socks from Forever 21
Thank you so much for the honor Best Cebu Blogs :)

Thank you to the Best Cebu Blogs board of judges and committee for naming Chic in the Tropics as the winner for the Best Cebu Blog under the Fashion and Lifestyle Category. I didn't really expect my name to be called and just wanted to act like I was calm and collected or whatever but in the end I still got choked up and became speechy. Composure out the door in a second! It was very, very overwhelming and it still is until now, I have to admit. 

Some of you guys may know that my journey through blogging hasn't always been the easiest. Looking back at my 2++ years online, I endured the perils of being one of the first personal style bloggers here in Cebu (a.k.a zero support), judgments thrown by people who had absolutely no idea of the person that I really am, and  me going through the very rough phases of my lovelife, career, and every little thing I had to juggle to get here. Sometimes it STILL is laborious to even sit down and think about blogging, but my relationship with my fellow bloggers, down to even the most silent of readers who visit without comments--these are the relationships I simply just cannot do without. Ultimately, despite everything-- it was and it still is worth it.

More than just an achievement for me and my humble blog, I dedicate this my fellow Cebuano fashion bloggers, as well as every new fashion blogger out there who starts out afraid, not knowing what to expect, and still be brave enough to take on the journey anyway.  I'm not saying its that hard or that easy, but you just don't know what to expect. Just keep trusting your guts, and most importantly-stay true to who you are- and who knows where your blogging adventures might take you.

Thank you once again, BCB for the support xx

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  1. an award well deserved! congratulations, Eden! ganahan kaayo kos imong shoes!

  2. aw shocks, i felt the sincerity in your words! the shoes has again triggered my envy! you deserve that award love!! so happy for you!

  3. congratulations eden! you know naman na your fashion sisters here in Manila (us!!) support all of you! We love cebu bloggers!! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. Congratulations to you eden! You are really an inspiration especially to the newbies like me. Everyone in my life right now doesn't understand what I'm doing and why I'm doing it but one thing I know for sure is that blogging makes me happy and I am inspired everyday to venture into new things because of this.

    Anyway, when I get to come to Cebu,I wish I could meet all you bloggers there..Or maybe, you could come here in CDO and I could tour you.haha


  5. CONGRATS Fedwilyn! Teehee. Srsly, you're one of the people I look up to in lifestyle blogging. I've been blogging for a very long time but this blog I have now is something different (new phase, new blog 'ika nga. CHAROT!). And I needed "direction" and sense of feistiness and confidence (kung si Tyra pa, personality!), which I found in your blog and Gizelle's. So, aside from the ~stylishness~, it's your "who-ness" that elevated you from the rest. Congrats again, Eden!


    --- Eep, ayaw na lang diay ni ipublish nga comment tingali. Mushy kaayo hahaha! ---

  6. Congratulations Eden! You really deserve it! :)


  7. did u apply a topcoat/clear nail polish on the cracked polish? I make mine's staying power longer by using the quick dry topcoats=)

  8. PS: (at inuna pa tlg ang nail polish commeent eh, hihi)

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! ^^

  9. wow Eden! congratz! im so proud of you and the rest of teh Cebu bloggers. chos! but really, congratz! you deserve it geng.

  10. congrats po ms. deserved it!!:)

  11. congats eden! you inspire me!:) no kidding.. i agree with you,people don't understand what we are doing and label us with anything but who cares, we are happy with what we do and as long as we don't step on somebody's life ten what we do are all worth it!:) im a newbie and yes you inspire me!:) thank you

  12. Oooooh Eden gwaps, you truly deserve it! Definitely one of the bloggers out there who I look up to when I haven't started blogging. Ang outfit sad oi, award-winning kaayo! :))
    I was moved by your post, darling! Very sincere. Congrats! Totally happy for you babe :))

  13. Congrats Eden! You deserve the award :) Oh and I love your shoooooes! *Drools* :P

  14. just last weekend we were talking about love and your very successful visit here in blog award! :) congrats eden :) they've all said it already but i'll say it again anyway...well deserved! more power!

  15. Aw, congrats again, Eden! I'm really beaming with pride for your blog's success and I shamelessly admit, I was part of your silent readers but thank God I was able to get to know you. You really took fashion blogging in Cebu to such great heights! Walay char. Haha. I quote you, we have arrived. :D

  16. congratulations! you truly deserve this award. keep up the good work! stay fashionable....<3

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  17. Hi Eden! Congrats! Deserving man pd ka na madaog.. Its all worth it sa tanan na imu effort. =)


  18. Congratulations Eden, you deserve it! :)


  19. Congratulations Eden, you definitely deserve that award. More Power to your blog and fellow Cebuana Bloggers!

  20. congrats eden! yay for cebu fashion blogging!


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