view from the top of tagaytay

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Hell yeah, Tagaytay. Sup.
Oh, the things I would do to see Tagaytay with you. #missingthebf

Strolling down Balinsasayaw Restaurant in Silang, Cavite. So beautiful!
Crispy Chicken Pata Tim, a signature dish of Balinsasayaw-- so fricking good. I will troop over to Cavite again to try this. If I can. hahaha.
Crazy beautiful view down Lake Taal. Mygawsh.

pardon the "huge forehead" picture. loud and proud of having one. hahaha.
leather jacket, spiked headband and sunnies from Forever21, gifted shirt, old shorts, SM Accessories bag, creeper boots from Asianvogue. thank you Vanessa for the shots!

Our stay up north, though extremely brief, was in no means boring. Because of awesome new guy friends who played chaperone through and through, me and dear dahlin' Vanessa did more than just mope around and shop on our last day in Manila as we duked it out with the bad weather and traffic and drove up to Tagaytay and Cavite. Tons of hilariously off-color jokes and a 2-hour car ride later, we finally made it to Silang where we stopped by the famed Balinsasayaw for lunch. Out of all the mouthwatering Northern dishes, I still can't get over the Crispy Chicken Pata Tim, which is only prepared in Balinsasayaw and is a signature dish of the family. Had to really betray my diet for that one, but it was worth it!

I also finally got to check out the incredibly beautiful Tagaytay, which felt like an entirely different country in itself. Though I am acrophobic, I didn't mind standing near the edge at all to take in the scenery. There was absolutely nothing like the experience of finally being there.:)

A couple of awesome announcements coming up plus we're also nearing the end of my giveaway w Asianvogue. Keep em' coming! Do make sure to leave just one comment though as that is enough.:)

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  1. Eden, congrats again! You know na. :)

    Love the ultra short shorts and I've never been to Tagaytay. The photos are even breathtaking and klaro kaayo nga nalingaw gyud mo.

  2. den, nainlove ko sa balinsasayaw restaurant!!! :)

    i want your bag! TDF. :)

  3. gaaaah ka nindot sa inyong mga buhok. suya ko. :D

  4. Oh Tagaytay! I am like 15-30mins drive away from here! Nice to know that you liked our place!
    I would like to go to Cebu naman! :)


  5. Glad to know you made the most of your manila trip! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  6. Tagaytay! Love the view! :)

    Great to know you had fun oh and I looooove your shooooes! :D

  7. Hi gorjas! I heard I lot about you..and your AWESOME! I want to be a famous blogger just like you someday =D

  8. Wow glad to know that you guys were able to have a side trip to Tagaytay despite the short stay here in Manila. Hope to see you again next time!


  9. I'm so lovin that leather jacket! :)


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