Asianvogue X CITT Shoe Giveaway Winners + Sendong Relief Advisory

11:25 AM

Thank you from us!


Thank you so much to everyone for supporting and actively participating in this giveaway. With the massive amount of "I love Asianvogue Shop" tweets I get to read on my feed on a daily basis, it's no wonder why I got an overwhelming number of entries for this giveaway. A total of 242 unique (non-repeated) entries were listed down and drawn over Kalurky lang ang effort sa paglista diba haha. 

I know we promised just one winner for this giveaway, but since it's giftgiving season, Angel del Rosario of Asianvogue felt extra generous and decided to give out consolation prizes to two others who will be also receiving gift certificates in 1000 and 500 denoms, respectively. Can't be more generous than that!:)

But at this moment (drumroll moment)-- receiving a P1,500 gift certificate to Asianvogue-- congratulations to Ericka Angeles!

And now for the consolation prizes-- congratulations to lucky number 81 Maria Lorwina Tongco! You also get to receive a P1000 GC to Asianvogue :)

And lastly, congratulations as well to Cheska Balingit, you'll be receiving a 500 GC to Asianvogue:)

Congratulations once again to the three winners, and to everyone who joined in... No worries, this won't be the last giveaway that I'm cooking:) And thank you Asianvogue!


Admittedly, I'm not feeling as festive as I'm supposed to because of what has happened to our brothers and sisters who really suffered through the wrath of Sendong, especially in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. Many lives were claimed (more than 600+ now with 800 more missing), and the count will still go higher in the next few days. 

A little goes a long way, so please share all that you can such as clothes, relief goods,medicine, water by dropping them at LBC branches nationwide (they will ship the goods themselves), or coordinate with the Red Cross near you.

I've also attached a blog widget to the right side where you can also contribute to the Iligan Blogger's initiative by donating $1  with your Paypal for the victims.

Let us share all that we can.

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  1. Waaaaaaah! Thank you so much Ms. Eden. and Asianvogue too. Will wait for your email. :) Godbless!


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