My House Husband: Ikaw Na! Bloggers Press Conference

11:33 PM

super charming ng couple in person. don't even get me started with Ryan alone. hahaha.
my loves from Cebu Fashion Bloggers. :)
photo op finally. yay! Juday is just really, really pretty in person.
after party at KK. hahaha. there's a reason behind this shot. secret muna. :p
fur and leather envelope clutch from Tonic in Maze Hipzone-Ayala. Thank you Maze for the early Christmas present!:) Accessories from Forever 21
my H&M python-print cut-out booties. thank you Ally!
purple dress from Gillian (got it during BU), metal plate accessories from Forever 21, envelope clutch from Tonic at Maze Hipzone-Ayala Cebu, H&M python-print cutout booties

It's Christmas time once more and if you're a huge movie buff like I am then you know what that means--it's Metro Manila Film Fest Time in the Philippines! Movie production firms, actors and actresses will duke it out for a battle of who gets the major acting awards and who gets the top box office billing. It's a Christmas entertainment highlight and it's always fun to observe on who wins what every year.

For a lighthearted, family-oriented drama/comedy movie that is sure to be a hit with everyone, then make sure to put My House Husband on your must-see list this MMFF season. Blog sister Melai of the Style and Soul got me to round up some Cebu bloggers for a special mall tour+blogger's press conference for this much-awaited film. We made a beeline for SM in the hopes of a fun meet and greet with Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo, and my personal favorite, Eugene Domingo. Sadly Eugene wasn't there, but we did get to meet the stellar couple--can you say perfection? They are both extremely good-looking in person (I don't think that's a surprise anymore) and nice to boot.

My family and I chose to see their past two films during Christmas, so I know we're in for another carefully crafted and majorly entertaining treat.:)

It was also great to bond with CFB (Cebu Fashion Bloggers) folks after this. Thank you to Pax and Philip for the shots!:)

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  1. So awesome you got to meet ryan and judy ann. I only got to meet eugene domingo and she was super funny :)

    love your outfit, eden!

  2. too bad i missed this one. booo!

    now i'm wishing i was size 7. coz i would have rivaled you on buying those beauties from ally. hahahaha

    judy ann is so pretty. always liked her. :)

  3. Uggghh!! Makasuya! Juday look sooo pretty. I actually saw her before but in a Krystala costume and she looked sooo thin and simply beautiful! :))
    BTW, the shoes is TDF!! HEAAVVY! Love the whole look dear! :))

  4. Eden that is one great outfit! Finally the double cuff and metal collar necklace! Prettyyy!



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